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What are the best job platforms?

What are the best UK job platforms to find a new job? Today, we’re giving you our top 4 picks that will take your job hunt to the next level!

What are the best job platforms?

Hoping to find a job? When it comes to your job hunt, it helps to know all of the best job boards to improve your chances of landing a new role. Different companies will use different job boards, so don’t just rely on one single job site otherwise you risk missing out on other opportunities posted elsewhere!

Ready to take a look at all the top job platforms in the UK? Let’s dive in…

  • Indeed
  • CV Library
  • Totaljobs
  • SonicJobs

What are job boards?

Job boards are online platforms where job seekers go to…you guessed it: find jobs! Job sites contain vacancies from companies and recruitment agencies UK wide and are the most popular way for people to find new career opportunities. With the help of a job board, you can search for jobs in a particular location, salary range or industry to find your dream role.

Top 4 UK job boards

We’ve put together a list of our favourite UK job boards to help you crush your career goals!


Indeed is one of the UK’s most popular job boards, with millions of users worldwide. They have a wide range of vacancies from hospitality to accountancy to senior level positions all across the UK and beyond.

It’s completely free to set up an account with Indeed, and you have the ability to use their advanced search function to find the perfect role. You can filter roles by industry, salary, location and even education level. Indeed also has a review function, allowing you to do some detective work on companies you’re interested in.

CV Library

Founded in 2000, CV Library has been around for a few more years than Indeed. It’s a popular choice among candidates, with 50% of surveyed job hunters saying they received more job offers from CV Library than other job boards.

Not only will you find a wide array of jobs on this site, but CV Library also has an entire section dedicated to discounted courses that will improve your CV from HR to finance to computing. On CV Library, you can also create up to 20 job alerts.


Totaljobs has over 280,000 live vacancies on their website. Although they offer a wide span of vacancies, they also pride themselves on advertising more specialist and niche positions too.

In addition to having a dedicated course section and an impressive library of career-related articles, they also have a ‘Companies hiring’ section. In this section, you can search by industry to find all the companies advertising roles at that time.


Here at SonicJobs, we’ve fast become a popular choice for many job seekers with the UK’s largest library of vacancies (over 500,000)! What’s unique about us is that we’re a mobile app, so you can easily carry out your job hunt from your mobile, on the go.

One of the best features of our app is that we have all the same vacancies that can be found on major job sites including Indeed, CV Library and Totaljobs, so you don’t have to juggle several platforms. Pretty nifty, eh?

Plus, we have tons of other cool features. Check them out…

What can you gain from the SonicJobs app?

  • Completely free for job seekers
  • Over 500,000 vacancies (more than any other UK job board)
  • Multiple job sites rolled into one app (Totaljobs, CV Library, Indeed plus many more)
  • Job seekers are never redirected to third party sites
  • No lengthy application process – ALL jobs can be applied for with 1 tap
  • Large library of career blogs to help you level up
  • Set alerts to be the first to hear about new jobs
  • Free CV built for you in minutes
  • ‘Smart apply’ function to automatically apply for jobs while you’re busy

And the winner is…

Okay, we admit it: we’re a little biased when it comes to making job site recommendations. But the team here at SonicJobs understands how difficult it can be to find a new role, which is why we’ve created such an awesome solution for you job hunters. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to land your next role, we couldn’t recommend ourselves enough *grins*. 

So what are you waiting for? Hop onto the SonicJobs app today and let’s find your new role.



2 years ago

Sonic jobs +looks enterprising I've got no idea how to upload cv to prospective employers ,the address'son platforms is cool when we get em but otherwise top job sonic jobs 👍.

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