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What careers have good progression?

Looking for a career not a job? Find out our top 4 picks for jobs with excellent career progression.

What careers have good progression?

When it comes to picking a good career, you want to make sure you have room to grow and progress. Without progression, you have a job, not a career. Most jobs can provide a certain degree of progression, but progress definitely comes easier in some careers that take it to a whole new level.

Ready to move on up? Here are 4 industries with good career progression:

  • HR
  • Sales
  • Software development
  • Audit

4 careers that have AMAZING progression

1. HR

HR departments are responsible for ‘all things people and policy’ in a business. They recruit new team members, record staff data, and compile company policies ensuring they’re in compliance with regulations and laws. On top of that, HR departments also deal with disciplinaries and dismissals, always making sure processes are followed to a T.

Am I right for HR?

People who are successful in HR have great attention to detail, a high level of English, and are logically minded to follow processes and procedures. Sometimes encountering uncomfortable situations, HR workers need to be highly professional and sometimes assertive when required.

Possible qualifications/skills to get started: administration, excel, word, high level of English

Possible career progression: HR assistant >> HR consultant >> HR Manager >> HR Director >> CHRO.

2. Sales

Working in sales can be an extremely prosperous career, especially when working in B2B or high-ticket sales. Salespeople spend their days consulting with potential clients, answering their questions, and pitching products and services. Their role is predominantly people-facing, although there are times when they focus more on administrative tasks like arranging appointments and composing contracts. Businesses are always looking for highly influential people to sell their products, so there’s no limit as to how far a salesperson can progress or how much they can earn.

Am I right for sales?

Salespeople tend to be naturally outgoing and charismatic, and enjoy interacting with people. One of the most defining characteristics of the best salespeople is their drive and ambition. The best salespeople are highly self-motivated and will happily work extra hours to close a deal and earn their next commission.

Possible qualifications/skills to get started: no formal qualifications required

Possible career progression: Sales assistant >> Sales executive >> Sales manager >> Regional sales manager >> Director of sales >> VP of sales

3. Software development

Software development is a lucrative and rewarding career. Very often, software developers get to work on new and exciting projects where complete innovation is required. On a day to day basis, software developers will typically be writing codes to create new software for computers or mobile applications. Software developers tend to specialise in different computer languages, such as C#, Java and Python.

Am I right for software development?

Successful software developers are highly analytical and logical thinkers. They have a knack and love for problem-solving, and have the patience to unpick problems and build solutions. Software development is also a great option for anyone looking for work from home jobs since many software developers work remotely.

Possible qualifications/skills to get started: bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in computing or STEM subject

Possible career progression: Junior software developer >> Software developer >> Senior software developer >> Lead developer >> Technical architect >> CTO

4. Audit

Auditors are responsible for running financial checks on businesses to ensure all of the business’ finances are being processed in compliance with the law. Auditors analyse data from company reports like account balances, income statements and tax returns. They use their analytical skills to spot indiscrepancies and potential misconduct.

Am I right for audit?

To flourish in audit, you must be a numbers person who is highly analytical. This role requires a lot of patience since you’ll have a lot of data to sift through. As well as their critical thinking ability, auditors also need excellent communication skills in both the written and verbal, and to be able to build relationships with their clients.

Possible qualifications/skills to get started: bachelor’s degree in accountancy or ACA/ACCA qualification, accountancy experience

Possible career progression: Junior auditor >> Auditor >> Senior manager >> Audit partner

Moving on up

If you’re an ambitious person, there’s no doubt you’ll want to find a career that can provide lots of career progression. One of the questions you can ask an interviewer at the end of an interview is what opportunities there are for progression. They should be able to tell you about the career path progression, what you’ll need to do to get there, and how long it should take.

Looking for a career with long-term prospects? Check out our blog on the fastest growing industries or head over to our app to find a job you love!

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