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What does a career in digital marketing look like?

What jobs are there in digital marketing? Take a look at our list of popular digital marketing career paths.

What does a career in digital marketing look like?

Thinking about starting a career in digital marketing? The good news is the industry is booming. This means there are plenty of digital marketing career paths in the UK. You may need to complete a qualification or take on an apprenticeship to get started. But it’s a fantastic career path for creative and analytical people.

So let’s explore some popular digital marketing careers.

5 digital marketing career paths

Take a look at some of the most popular digital marketing roles and job descriptions. The salaries provided are a UK average. But don’t forget, the higher you progress, the higher your salary.

PPC (Pay Per Click) – £29,000-£47,500 average UK salary

As a digital marketer, you can specialise in paid advertising (or PPC). This means running digital ad campaigns to gain exposure and clicks on the internet. You could be running paid ads on a variety of platforms like Google or Facebook. But paid advertising specialists need to be highly analytical. You’ll constantly be using data to tweak ads and try new techniques.

Social media – £32,500-£47,500 average UK salary

Jobs in social media management have exploded over the past 5-10 years. Every business is on social media. And it’s a whole beast of its own. Sometimes social media accounts need several people to run them. As a social media expert, you create and schedule engaging content. The aim is to help grow the company’s following and generate more revenue. It’s a highly creative role. You must be able to adapt to change since social media platforms are constantly evolving.

SEO – £27,000-£47,500 average UK salary

SEO specialists are analytical people. They specialise in making websites more visible on search engines like Google. The aim is to make the business rank higher on search engines for keywords. SEO is constantly evolving. So your job will be to research and create your own database of keywords. Then you’ll need to find ways to include these keywords across the website and paid ad campaigns. If you do your job right, the company website will gain more visitors and earn more money.

Email marketing – £25,000-£42,500 average UK salary

Email marketing is a creative career route in digital marketing. Emails are an essential part of any business. As an email marketing specialist, you’ll be creating sales funnel emails to convert your subscribers into customers. You need to have strong copywriting skills. But you’ll also need to analyse your target customers on a psychological level. Once you find out what makes them tick, this will drive your email marketing strategy.

Content marketing – £32,106-£47,500

Content marketers create engaging content to promote and sell the company. You need to have a love for language. On a daily basis, you could be writing up blog posts, whitepapers or other marketing materials. As a content marketer, language is your forte and you love to get creative!

The future’s bright

Digital marketing is a booming industry. As long as you keep developing your CV skills, you’ll have a fantastic career ahead of you. It’s all about being creative and achieving great results. If you’re changing your career path, just be sure to pick up some qualifications before diving in!

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