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What does a restaurant manager do? Job description, salary and skills

Discover the salaries, skills and duties of a restaurant manager.

What does a restaurant manager do? Job description, salary and skills

Becoming a restaurant manager is a popular aim for staff in the hospitality industry. For many, it’s the pinnacle of their career. If you play your cards right, you can achieve this restaurant management level in a matter of a few years.

So let’s see what a restaurant manager does, and what it takes to become one!

Restaurant manager duties and responsibilities

Below are the key duties in restaurant manager job descriptions:

Managing staff

Staff management is a key part of being a restaurant manager. Depending on the size of the restaurant, you may manage the supervisors. Or you may manage the waiting staff directly. This includes monitoring performance, carrying out disciplinaries, and resolving any issues.

Scheduling rotas

A restaurant manager needs to ensure there are enough staff members on each shift. They also need to arrange cover for sickness or busier periods.

Managing stock levels

Where would a restaurant be without its stock? As a manager, you put in place processes to ensure stock levels remain high. 

Overseeing menu changes

The menu is the heart of the restaurant. There’s a lot of pressure to get this right. So the manager must work closely with the head chef to design a menu that attracts a lot of business. 

Managing budgets / expenses

As a restaurant manager, cash flow is one of your priorities. You need to know how much revenue is being generated, and what your expenses are each month. Profit is your priority. This can mean reviewing your suppliers to find cheaper ones. You’ll also decide how much to spend on marketing and events.

Hiring new team members

Restaurant managers manage the recruitment of new staff members. You’ll need to identify available positions and the job descriptions. You’ll also carry out interviews. Sometimes you’ll have the help of a restaurant supervisor.

Training staff

To maintain standards, you need to organise the appropriate training. This may be in-house training from supervisors. Or you may need to introduce external or online training too! This could be anything from cocktail making to food safety!

Strategy and vision

No restaurant can be a success without strategy and vision. And this starts with the restaurant manager. You need to find the best ways to attract your target clientele. You decide on the feel of the restaurant and set the bar for standards. As a leader, you also need to get your team rowing in the same direction. This will create a successful team culture.

Restaurant management key skills

To start looking for restaurant management jobs, here are some of the skills you’ll need for your CV.

  • Restaurant experience
  • Delegation
  • Organisation
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Management experience
  • Knowledge of budget management

Restaurant manager salaries in the UK

London – £36,389 average annual salary

Birmingham – £31, 622 average annual salary

Manchester – £31,201 average annual salary

Glasgow – £29,484 average annual salary

Leeds – £29,050 average annual salary

Bristol – £28,668 average annual salary

Sheffield – £28,511 average annual salary

Liverpool – £27,907 average annual salary

Newcastle – £27,372 average annual salary

Start today

The great part about working in restaurants is that you don’t need experience to get started. And you can start working in restaurants from as young as 14. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you can progress through the ranks quicker than most industries.

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