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What is a blue collar job?

Heard the term ‘blue collar job’ but not sure what it means? In today’s post, we’ll fill you in on the details and list our top blue collar job picks!

What is a blue collar job?

Blue collar jobs – you might have heard this term get thrown about. But there’s also the term white collar jobs and even pink collar jobs. So, what are they and what’s the difference between them? You may be wondering if you’re working in a blue collar job, and what this means. Knowing the difference between these types of jobs can help you to figure out the right career path for you.

If you don’t see yourself sitting in an office all day, becoming a blue collar worker could be just the fit for you.

What’s the difference between blue, white and pink collar jobs?

Blue collar jobs are those involving manual labour of some kind like mining, construction, quarrying and warehousing. Many blue collar workers will typically be on an hourly rate, rather than an annual salary.

White collar workers tend to earn more than blue collar workers, and these types of jobs are more office-based, like clerical, administrative or lab-based positions. White collar workers tend to be in a suit and tie, whereas blue collar workers are ready to get their hands dirty.

Pink collar workers have similar earning potential to blue collar jobs, but the work is based in the service industry, like hospitality, retail, or sales.

Top blue collar jobs in the UK

1. Welder – £25,000 average salary

A welder is a skilled worker who uses specialist tools to fuse metal together. There are different types of welders (MIG, TIG, GMAW) who each specialise in a different type of welding process. Welders could be making a wide variety of products from car parts to gates, or they could be working on repairing broken metal.

2. Warehouse operative – £18,579 average salary

Warehouse operatives can carry out a variety of warehouse-based tasks. This could be anything from picking and packing, to stacking shelves and unloading deliveries. Warehouse work is typically quite easy to get into as it’s one of the jobs that don’t require a degree or previous experience. 

3. Construction labourer – £20,536 average salary

As the job title indicates, being a labourer is labour-intensive! Labourers often work outdoors in all types of weather conditions. They can be involved in many aspects of a construction project from site preparation to lifting heavy loads to digging pits. Labour work is relatively easy to get into – the most important thing is showing a strong work ethic and a flexible attitude.

4. HGV Driver – £31,787 average salary

HGV drivers are heavily in demand in the UK right now. Following Brexit and border restrictions relating to COVID-19, the UK faces a shortage of drivers. HGV drivers transport goods long distances, often travelling overseas, working through the night and spending nights away from home. To get started as a HGV driver, you’ll need to obtain your Class 1 driving licence. 

Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Blue collar jobs are great for people who want to stay active and aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty! If you don’t see yourself sitting in an office all day, becoming a blue collar worker could be just the fit for you.

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