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What is a speculative job application? (With email example)

Looking for a job? Create the opportunity you want by sending speculative CVs

What is a speculative job application? (With email example)

What’s that saying?

If the mountain won’t go to Muhammad, then Muhammad must come to the mountain’.

Well, this wisdom can be used in your job hunt! Don’t just sit and wait for opportunities to come to you. Create them for yourself!

Today, we’ll teach you what a speculative job application is, and how to make one!

What’s the definition of a speculative job application?

A speculative application (or speculative CV) is when you send your updated CV to a company even though they’re not advertising for jobs. You sell yourself into the company hoping they will create a position especially for you. Or maybe they were planning on hiring, but you manage to send your CV in before they start the process. Either way, when you send a speculative CV, you don’t know if the company is going to be interested in hiring or not. It’s a chance you take!

Do speculative applications work?

Good companies are always interested in people that can add value. So if you’ve got skills to offer, many employers will be glad to hear from you. Some skills are really hard to find. So hiring managers will always be open to hearing from candidates with the right skills. They don’t need to be actively hiring. They can take you on because they know your worth.

How to write a speculative application email

Identify your skills

Before you get started, know what you have to offer. What’s unique about you? What skills have you learned? What qualifications do you have? These are all questions that will shape what kinds of jobs you should go for. 

Create a list of roles and companies

Once you’ve identified your skills, it’s time to make a list. Don’t just aimlessly target companies. Know exactly the types of roles that could use your skills. And identify which companies you’d like to work for.

Send your CV and cover email

Make sure you update your CV before sending. You should also write a tailored cover letter that will make up the body of your email. Try to find a contact within the company to send your email to. You may be able to find this on the company website. If not, you’ll have to send the email to the general recruitment team.

Speculative email example

Subject: CV for eco-minded digital marketing professional 

Dear Mr. Parsons,

My name is Carl Adamson and I am a qualified digital marketing professional with over 3 years’ experience. After researching your company, I am sending my CV in the hope that you will consider me for any opportunities to work in digital marketing for Eco-future.

Over the last 3 years, I have worked as a digital marketing assistant for another eco-minded business, The Green Way. During my tenure, I have generated over £.25mil revenue solely through my email marketing and paid advertising campaigns.

I believe my innovation and passion for marketing are a key driver behind my campaigns’ success, and I am now looking to achieve new levels of growth for a different company.

Although you are not actively hiring, I feel I am very aligned with Eco-future’s mission to reduce deforestation and therefore took the initiative to send you my CV.

I hope you consider my attached CV for any suitable job opportunities. I would be very grateful to discuss my skill set with you in-person.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Adamson

Make the first move

Sending speculative CVs is a great way to speed up the job hunt process. It’s a way for you to create the opportunities you want, rather than settling for whatever’s out there. Just be sure to keep it as personal as possible by tailoring your CV and cover letter.

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