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What jobs allow you to travel?

Don’t want to trade your travel lifestyle in for a 9-5? You don’t have to! Check out these 8 well-paid jobs that allow you to travel.

What jobs allow you to travel?

Looking for a way to earn a living whilst still feeding your travel obsession? We hear ya! Why confine yourself to a regular 9-5 office job when there are plenty of jobs that allow you to travel daily, weekly and monthly?

We’ve travelled the depths of the internet to bring you our top picks for travel jobs:

  • Air steward
  • Pilot
  • Retail buyer
  • International sales consultant
  • Journalist
  • International english teacher
  • Photographer
  • Interpreter

8 well-paid jobs that allow you to travel the world

Flight attendant – £23,416 average salary

As a flight attendant, you’ll be assisting passengers throughout their flight whilst ensuring the safety of passengers. Flight attendants get to visit many different cities and countries, so if you’ve got a serious travel bug that needs treating, becoming a flight attendant could be just the remedy.

Pilot – £78,862 average salary

To become a pilot, you need to spend 16-18 months training to gain your Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). It’s a costly process which could set you back up to £120,000 but once you’re fully qualified, it won’t be long before you’ve earnt that money back and are getting paid to travel the world.

Retail buyer – £41,461 average salary

Retail buyers are responsible for selecting new merchandise for retail shops whilst considering budgets, trends and profitability. As part of the process, they often get to travel abroad to visit different suppliers and trade fairs to review products, check quality, and negotiate rates and contracts. 

International sales consultant – £50,935 average salary

International sales consultants travel abroad to pitch their products/services, conduct demonstrations, make introductions and negotiate sales. This is a great role for anyone who loves travel since sales consultants often spend a few days in each location rather than just a brief overnight stay.

Journalist – £33,457 average salary

Journalists are often on the road capturing the details of different stories. Their role requires them to be on the frontline so if any event is occurring, the best journalists are there in-person to capture as much detail as possible. Depending on the type of journalism you specialise in, travelling abroad could become a regular part of your role.

International English teacher – £32,445 average salary

International English teachers often spend 10 months+ in a single location, so this is a great opportunity to really get to know a new place and treat it as a home. There’s a need for English teachers all across the world, so you’ll have a wide variety of destinations to choose from. Often, international English teachers have their accommodation included as part of their benefits package too! Winner winner!

Photographer – £29,539 average salary

Photographers are always travelling to different locations to carry out photoshoots. You could specialise in travel photography, nature or wildlife to travel to some of the most scenic parts of the world. 

Interpreter – £36,571 average salary

Interpreters often have to travel abroad to assist people with communication in foreign countries. Interpreters are bilingual and usually have a masters degree interpreting. They may assist people in a variety of scenarios including business meetings, medical and foreign affairs.

Ready to jet?

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