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What jobs are dying out?

When planning a long-term career, make sure you assess if the job is at risk of dying out from technology.

What jobs are dying out?

In the last decade, we’ve seen incredible advances in technology and the rise of the robot. As a result of the new tech, many jobs are at risk of being replaced by technology. As technology becomes more sophisticated, employers are adapting these new technologies to improve efficiency, boost profitability and remain competitive.

So what are some of the jobs most at risk of dying out?

  • Cashier
  • Travel agent
  • Textile machinist
  • Parking attendant
  • Meter reader
  • Switchboard operator
  • Typist
  • Data entry assistant

8 jobs that WILL disappear by 2040

1. Cashier

You need only nip down to your local Tesco to see how technology has replaced human workers. It’s not uncommon to do your weekly food shop without talking to a soul. Gone are the days of scanning your items with a cashier. Instead, supermarkets are expanding their self-service sections, as are fast-food restaurants. It’s only a matter of time before these self-service stations will dominate in all shops from supermarkets to clothes shops to restaurants.

2. Travel agent

Travel agents used to be a useful tool when the internet was just starting out. But in today’s society, the internet can just about account for all your needs and people tend to book their trips without the help of an agent. Websites like, and airbnb have revolutionised the way we plan our trips abroad.

3. Textile machinist

A textiles machinist was once a popular job with plenty of work available. But here in 2022, there’s a smaller need for these professionals and automated machining software is standing in their place. Through machine automation, businesses have been able to produce items at a quicker rate and with more precision, far outperforming human ability. As a result, there are very few textile machinist roles that still exist in the UK, and it won’t be long before automation becomes a better option for companies using machinists in countries like Pakistan and the Philippines.

4. Parking attendant

Parking attendants used to be found in every car park, taking payments and checking for overstays. In today’s world, they’re rarely found. Ticket machines have become more sophisticated and are able to take payments and identify when cars overstay. As time goes on, more and more car parks will have this technology, completely obliterating the need for a parking attendant.

5. Meter reader

Remember the days when you used to get a knock on the door from the meter reader? Well, those days are pretty much shot. Nowadays, people can upload their meter readings online, or they have a smart meter which automatically submits their readings. 

6. Switchboard operator

The role of a switchboard operator is becoming more endangered as automated phone lines take their place. More and more businesses have implemented automated messaging systems on their switchboards to help direct callers to the right place. As we look ahead to 2040, we can’t see this role continuing to exist in many places.

7. Typist

Dictation technology is taking over the role of a typist. Smartphones have a basic dictation function on them, which many people use in place of typing. But businesses have even more sophisticated dictation technology which far outperforms the work of a human typist. This profession is on its way out!

8. Data entry assistant

Although many companies will still use the help of a data entry assistant, there’s no doubt that this role has taken a hit. Because of new technology, simple data entry tasks can easily be automated with the right software. 

Looking for a new career?

When looking for a new career, always think about the longevity of it. Is it likely to be replaced by technology, or is it a new up and coming industry? You’ll also want to make sure you only consider careers with good progression.

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