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What jobs can you get without a degree?

You don’t need a degree to start a life-long career. Check out these 11 jobs you can get without a degree.

What jobs can you get without a degree?

If you’re looking for a new job, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to go to university to land a ‘decent’ role. In today’s world, there are many high-paying job opportunities for people without degrees. Besides, university isn’t for everyone. Instead of having to dedicate 3+ years to studying and spending thousands of pounds worth of fees, it’s no surprise some people prefer to jump straight into the working world.

Check out these well-paid jobs that don’t require a degree in the UK.

11 well-paid jobs you can get without a degree

Personal assistant 

£22,750 – £33,143

Being a personal assistant is a quick-paced role where you’ll need to be good at juggling several plates at any one time. You’ll likely be working closely with senior executives, helping them to manage their schedules and support with administrative tasks.

Main skills: organisation, administration, communication, attention to detail, english

Bookkeeper / Payroll assistant

£24,000 – £34,500

Being a bookkeeper or payroll assistant is heavily admin-focused. On a daily basis, you’ll be completing data entry, producing reports and payslips and navigating accounting software.

Main skills: attention to detail, administration, computer literate


£32,500 – £52,500

Many people are surprised to hear they don’t need a degree to become an accountant. There are entry level accountant jobs available that fund your AAT qualification. Equally, you can begin your AAT independently, which will support your application for any trainee roles.

Main skills: numeracy, AAT, bookkeeping/payroll, finance, business knowledge, communication

Emergency response

£32,500 – £42,500 (paramedic)

Emergency response work could be working for the police, fire or ambulance services. As an emergency response assistant, you’ll need to remain calm under pressure as you navigate difficult situations on a daily basis.

Main skills: remaining calm under pressure, communication, people skills

IT assistant

£20,545 – £25,000

There are many entry level IT jobs available that don’t require a degree. Many companies provide training on the job and seek to hire people who are good problem-solvers. Any job in IT can provide fantastic career progression for motivated people.

Main skills: IT, problem-solving, logical

Construction worker

£32,500 – £57,500

Construction work doesn’t require a degree. Companies prefer to hire people who are practical and can assist with building complex projects. 

Main skills: practical thinker, logic, mobile, health and safety

HR Assistant

£23,000 – £32,500

HR can provide a fantastic career with plenty of opportunities to progress. As a HR professional, you’ll be responsible for managing the employee support structure from paperwork to recruitment to disciplinaries. To get started in an entry level HR job, you won’t require a degree but at some point you’ll need to start working towards obtaining your CIPD qualification.

Main skills: organisation, admin, english, CIPD level 3

Sales executive

£23,000 – £42,500

Sales professionals have the opportunity to earn a very lucrative living. Most sales positions have a bonus structure attached to them, allowing you to earn commission on your sales. You can progress very quickly in sales and earn uncapped commission so long as you perform well. Generally speaking, the more expensive the item you’re selling, the more money you’ll earn!

Main skills: self-motivated, communication, persuasion, organisation


£22,492 – £31,307

If you enjoy using your hands, becoming a welder could be a great career route for you. This job is very much workshop-based as you work with metal, while developing your skills to manufacture a wide variety of products for industries like aerospace, medical, gas turbine and other advanced technologies.

Main skills: attention to detail, logically-minded, problem-solver, practical, patience

Insurance claims investigator


As an insurance claims investigator, you’ll be responsible for getting down to the nitty gritty details of people’s insurance claims. You’ll be naturally inquisitive, and have exceptional attention to detail.

Main skills: english, attention to detail, patience, GDPR, critical thinking

Financial advisor

£23,000 – £42,500

There are many different advisory roles within the world of finance from pensions to mortgages. Getting started in the industry is simple with many entry level finance jobs available on the market that provide formal qualifications and comprehensive training, often spanning 2-3 years.

Main skills: excellent communication, IT, attention to detail, GDPR, customer service, disciplined

Find your career

Getting a degree isn’t the only route to success. Many occupations are more concerned with your experience, skills, drive and determination. On the SonicJobs app, we’re proud to be home to thousands of UK jobs that don’t require a degree. Be sure to check in daily for new jobs near you!

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