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What should you bring on your first day of work?

Due to start a new job? Find out exactly what to bring on your first day of work!

What should you bring on your first day of work?

First days at work can be a daunting experience. You want to make the best possible impression, but at the same time, there are SO many things running through your mind. From making sure you arrive on time, to getting the dress code right, to meeting new people – it’s a lot for anyone to take on board.

So to make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the things you’ll need to take on your first day of work. Whether you’re in a blue collar, office-based job or even an internship, these items all apply:

  • Map the route
  • Lunch
  • Questions
  • The right attire
  • Notepad and pen
  • Paperwork
  • Put your phone on silent
  • Water bottle
  • A smile

9 essential items to take on your first day of work

Map the route

First things first, know where you’re headed in advance. Don’t leave this to the last minute or you’ll probably end up late on your first day. If possible, make the commute yourself before starting work so you know exactly where you’re going. Be sure to allow time for rush hour and arrange parking if you’re driving.


First days are often full of training and videos. Your company may have a canteen or food van, but it’s best not to leave it to chance on your first day. Take a lunch with you that doesn’t require a microwave, so you can be sure to eat no matter what the time or circumstances.


When it comes to having questions, don’t be shy or fear looking stupid. Your employer expects you to have questions and might be concerned if you don’t ask any. So if something isn’t making sense to you, always ask the question so you can do your job to the best of your ability.

The right attire

Getting the dress code right is a pretty important part of your first day. You don’t want to dress up in a suit and tie when everyone else is wearing casual jeans and t-shirts. Equally, you don’t want to turn up wearing your finest clothes if your first day is going to be on a mucky construction site. Make sure you ask your employer what the dress code is in advance.

Notepad and pen

Always take a notepad and pen on your first day. You’ll be loaded with information and you’ll need to store it somewhere. So make notes throughout the day of any important points that you’ll need to refer to later down the line. This will prevent you from asking the trainer to repeat themselves because you forgot something.


You may need to bring some paperwork on your first day but your employer should give you this information before you start. This could be a signed contract, ID, your national insurance number or perhaps proof of address.

Put your phone on silent

Don’t let your phone going off be the reason you make a bad first impression. Before you enter the building, remember to turn it on silent. Simple but effective!

Water bottle

Take your own bottle of water on your first day – the water tap might not be as accessible as you need it to be if you’re in and out of training all day. Stay hydrated to stay on your A game!

A smile

The key component to a successful first day – a smile! Although starting a new job can be stressful, it’s important to not let that tension overcome you. A simple smile can release tension and help others to feel at ease around you too.

First impressions count

It’s true what they say: first impressions count! It’s normal to feel nervous on your first day of work, but the most important thing is to be as organised as possible. Be sure to use this list before your first day to make sure you start out on a strong footing. 

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