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What to do if you need a job ASAP

Finding a job at short-notice can be tough. But there are several steps you can take to speed up the process.

What to do if you need a job ASAP

What do you do if you suddenly find yourself unemployed and are in desperate need of a new job? Being unemployed can put a lot of stress on people. Between paying rent, managing childcare costs and putting food on the table, it’s no wonder nobody wants to find themselves in this situation.

If you’re unemployed and low on cash, here are some things you can do to help the situation and find a job.

9 things to do if you need a job ASAP

Sign up for universal credit

Universal credit can provide you with an extra cash injection each month if you’re earning below their threshold. Just beware that cash doesn’t usually land in your account immediately, and you may have to wait 4-6 weeks before receiving your first installment. 

Create a budget

One of the first things you need to do is work out how much cash you have left and how far you can make it stretch. Take into account buying food, transport and paying for bills, and set yourself a strict cap on how much you can spend weekly.

Cut costs

Take a look at your finances to see if there are any ways you can cut down your costs. Perhaps you’re subscribed to a few sites like Netflix and Spotify. You can pause or cancel your memberships to save a few extra pounds. If you’re out of a phone contract or are nearing the end of it, you might also be able to call your provider and get a lower rate.

Update your CV

Once you’ve got your finances under control, you’ll want to update your CV. Make sure you incorporate all the skills you gained from your most recent role. You’ll also want to ask a friend to proofread your CV to see how it could be better. It might take you a few hours to do, but it will accelerate your job hunt in the long run.

Search for ‘jobs near me’

If you don’t mind what type of job you get, just search for ‘jobs near me’ in Google to see what’s available. Equally, if you have a particular job in mind, you can search for that e.g. ‘part-time admin jobs near me’. 

Apply for jobs daily

Applying for jobs everyday is an essential part of your job search process. You want to create as many opportunities for yourself as possible and applying daily will keep the ball rolling. Where one opportunity fails, another will pull through!

Use the SonicJobs app Smart Apply function

In today’s job market, you need to be quick when you apply for jobs otherwise it won’t be long before someone else snaps them up. With the Smart Apply function on the SonicJobs app, the app will automatically apply for your preferred jobs on your behalf. Turn it on while you’re sleeping or shopping to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Practise interviewing

Even if you haven’t yet secured an interview, start practising your answers to interview questions early in the process. You don’t want to leave this until the last minute as this will only add more pressure. An employer could ask to interview you the next day, so you want to be prepared and give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Follow up on applications

With all applications, make sure you follow up with the hiring manager if you haven’t heard back after a week. Following up shows you really care about the opportunity and that you have a certain level of tenacity. This will help you stand out among a crowd of applicants.

SonicJobs to the rescue!

If you’re looking for a speedy solution to job hunting, SonicJobs is your answer. With over half a million live vacancies on our app, we’re sure you’ll find a job near you. And what’s more, you only ever need to tap once to apply, saving you buckets of time!

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