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What makes a good employer?

What makes a good employer?

Hey, it’s just Julie dropping by again 👋 When it comes to looking for a long-term job, it’s just as important for you to find a good employer as it is for an employer to find a good employee!

So what makes a good employer? How can you tell if they’re going to be a good company to work for before you accept the job offer?

Let’s take a look!

👉Structured training

A good employer should be able to talk you through what training you’ll receive once you start, and what ongoing training opportunities there are for permanent employees.

👉Career development

If you’re looking for a long-term career, you’ll want to see room for yourself to progress. Look for a structured career path… it’s also a very good sign if their management team has come from internal promotions!

👉Company values

Any company can say they have values, but asking an employer how they represent those values on a daily basis is a great way to bring them to life and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to work there.

👉Employee recognition

You want to work for a company that recognises you for your efforts and achievements, right? An employer might use awards or even Employee of the Month to recognise its employees.

👉Great benefits

It’s always a good sign when a company offers interesting benefits for its employees. Here are a few of my favourite company perks:

🌟Employee discounts

🌟Cycle to work scheme

🌟Performance incentives

🌟Social events

🌟Flexible working

Remember, when you’re looking for a new long-term career, you want to make sure you’ve found the right employer before accepting a job offer!

Good luck with your job hunt!


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