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Why is applying for jobs stressful?

The job hunt process can be exhausting, so make sure you follow these steps to avoid job search fatigue and maximise your chances of success!

Why is applying for jobs stressful?

Changing jobs is one of the most exhausting situations a person can encounter. You want to find a job but, at the same time, there’s a price to pay… and it comes in the form of stress! But the job search process doesn’t have to be so stressful. There are plenty of little tricks that can ease the process (and we can’t wait to share them with you!).

But first, let’s first answer the question on all of your lips: Why is job hunting so tiring?

5 main causes of job search fatigue


One of the biggest causes of job search fatigue is the pressure that comes with changing jobs. Whether you’re unemployed and need to find some fast cash, or you’re working in a job you don’t like, you’ll surely feel the pressure to find a new role quickly


Rejection is a common part of the job hunt process. But not everyone is used to it. In fact, if you’re not a regular job hopper, facing interview rejection can be quite jarring and leave you feeling upset or disappointed in yourself. 


Finding a new job is no overnight process. For most people, it can take months to find the right role and the application process demands a lot of your time. As a result, you can end up feeling like the process is too taxing on your time and that you’re having to give up too much of your life.


Interviews are a stressful process. Not only is it nerve-wracking walking into a room where the spotlight is on you, but it can also be stressful trying to figure out the answers to the most common interview questions.


Not knowing where to start in your job hunt can also add stress to the situation. You want to find a new role fast, but at the same time you don’t want to end up in a job you don’t enjoy. It can be overwhelming deciding which job is right for you!

How to avoid burnout while job hunting

Prepare answers

One of the best ways to reduce interview stress is to practise answering common interview questions. This will help you feel more confident when entering into the interview room, as you’ll have standout answers ready to blow the interviewer away.

Block out application slots

Don’t let the application process consume all of your spare time. It’s important to keep a balance and manage your time better. Block out a slot each day/every other day/each week to turn off all distractions and apply to as many jobs as possible. This will stop the application process from taking over your life.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

When job hunting, it’s a good idea to apply to as many jobs as possible. If you put all your eggs in one basket, you’ll end up feeling the pressure 10 times more and won’t have any other opportunities to pursue if you’re not successful. Always keep the ball rolling!

Set alerts

Set up alerts on online job boards and on the SonicJobs app so you’ll be the first to hear about any new opportunities in your field. This will save you heaps of time and energy!

Make time for you

Okay, this may feel counterintuitive but just trust us on this. Just as you sometimes need to disconnect your computer to help it work better, you also need to unplug yourself to give access more energy and perform better. So be sure to schedule in some of your favourite activities to take your mind off career stresses.



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