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Why teamwork is key to your career progress in 2023

What makes a great team player and how can teamwork transform your career?

Why teamwork is key to your career progress in 2023

Teamwork. It’s a word we hear ALL the time in the working world. It’s written under the skills section in your CV. It’s one of the most common interview questions. But what does it mean? And are you actually practising it? Or are you just using it as a buzzword? 

Here’s why teamwork is SO important and how you can be a better team player in 2023.

Why is teamwork important at work?

In most jobs, teamwork will be required. Employers love teamwork because jobs often involve working with other people. And if you don’t work well with others, it shows in the result. It’s very rare to find a job where you don’t have to rely on colleagues in some way. So if you can prove you’re a good team player, employers will be more likely to hire or promote you!

The 5 elements of a great team player

  • Celebrating your team members
  • Pulling your weight
  • Mucking in
  • Leading, but not dominating
  • Knowing your team

1. Celebrating your team members

Being able to celebrate others’ wins is key to being a strong team player. There’s no room for jealousy in teamwork. You don’t want to compete with your own teammates to the point where you can’t be happy for them if they succeed. So any time a colleague or teammate does well, go out of your way to congratulate them. Remember, other people’s success doesn’t take away from your own!

2. Pulling your weight

In teamwork, we all have a role to play. The least you can do is deliver on your part. If you have a deadline, make sure you hit it. Give 110% to doing your bit right. If you start slacking, you’ll only let down the rest of your team. Your boss will also see you’re not pulling your weight. This could hinder your chances of getting a promotion as they’ll soon brand you as unreliable.

3. Mucking in

The work doesn’t stop when you deliver on your own role. You need to go the extra mile and muck in wherever needed. Sometimes your team members will fall behind or face problems. That’s when teammates need to step in and offer a helping hand. This is the beauty of teamwork.

4. Leading, but not dominating

In teamwork, there will be opportunities to shine as a leader. Every team needs leadership. You don’t have to be ‘assigned’ this role to take it on. But just be careful not to overstep the mark. You don’t want to dominate the group, especially when you’re not an assigned leader. Only step in as a leader when it seems the team needs more direction or inspiration.

5. Knowing your team

In teams, there will always be people who are better at certain things. It’s important to know what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are. That way, you can assign certain tasks to the team members that are best suited. It’s just like football. You wouldn’t put Lionel Messi as a defender, would you? He clearly performs best as a forward. Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses! That’s how teamwork produces results!

There’s no I in team

Being a strong team player will excel your career. It will help you perform better and can set you apart as a leader. Just remember to do your part and support the people around you. Great teamwork = great results!

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