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💸Worried about money? COVID financial support made easy

💸Worried about money? COVID financial support made easy

Hey Sonic gang 👋 Anybody feeling a little confused by all the new schemes?

I know it’s not exactly easy to follow all the rules around financial support, but I’m going to do my best to break it down for you guys.

Here are some examples of different types of support available from 1st November in the UK:

❓What happens if my employer reduces my hours due to COVID?

Job Support Scheme 👉 As long as you’re still working a minimum of 33% of your normal hours, you’ll earn at least 77% of your normal full-time wages (unless you hit the government cap).

❓What happens if my employer is legally required to temporarily close because of COVID?

Job Support Scheme Expansion 👉 The government will pay a minimum of two thirds of your wages monthly (capped at £2100), and your employer may decide to top you up to 100%. 

❓What happens if I’m not earning enough?

Universal credit 👉 You can apply for universal credit if you’re on a low income or are unemployed, and have savings less than £16,000.

❓What happens if I have to self-isolate because I’ve been in touch with somebody who has COVID?

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) 👉 You’ll be paid SSP everyday if you’ve been self-isolating for 4 consecutive days. You could be paid more if your employment contract allows!

This is a guide to help you understand the basics of what financial support is available. There are terms and conditions that apply, so I recommend you check out the guidelines on for more details!

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Take care guys and speak soon!

Julie 💜


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How do go about getting financial help If I'm on low income and struggling to make ends meet?

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