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Mixologist Duties and Responsibilities · Mixing Drinks - make syrups, infusions, tinctures, mixed drinks, and cocktails of all types to fulfill customer orders. Mixologists take orders from customers, serve drinks, and collect money for the orders they fill. · Entertain and Educate Guests -Mixologists entertain guests while mixing drinks, talking to customers about spirits and offering trivia and history about various alcohols to keep customers engaged and enjoying themselves.

· Design New Beverage Menu Items - Mixologists are responsible for crafting original beverage menu items and designing new, innovative cocktails using the ingredients that are already supplied by the company for which they work.

· Clean and Organize Bar - Mixologists must keep the bar area clean and organized, maintaining all sanitation standards of the business and local food and beverage laws. · Maintain Alcohol Inventory - Mixologists are responsible for keeping the bar well stocked and fully supplied with alcohol, and for filling out inventory forms in order to replace items as needed.

· Follow Alcohol Laws - At all times, mixologists must adhere to state laws regarding alcohol consumption by checking customer identification and cutting off customers who have had too much to drink.

· Make Drink Suggestions - Mixologists suggest cocktails and mixed drinks to customers who are unsure about what they want to order. · Perform all duties as required within the confines of the business as directed by the General Manager to maximise the profitability of the business

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