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Project Director - Residential


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Our client are looking for a highly experienced Project Director to lead on an exciting opportunity for a recently secured residential project. The successful candidate will be responsible for the successful delivery of the project from inception to completion.The ProjectThe project due to start in a few months has a value of £40 million and consists of Construction of 158 dwellings as well as 630m2 of flexible B1/D1/D2 space within the existing building.

The development consists of buildings of 6, 7, 10 and 15 storeys in height with associated cycle parking, play space, landscaping and public realm improvements.

Brief Project Construction DetailsThe project is Piled with RC frames, decorative brick façades with a mix of bolt on, precast & instiu balconies along with air source heat pumps , PV plus extensive 278 works. The project also encompasses some elements of refurbishment to the existing an existing building.

The Project Director will be required:To successfully lead on and deliver complex construction projects on time within budget and ensuring Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance at all times.To effectively manage a project team, inclusive of all internal stakeholders and consultants including architects, structural engineers, and sub-contractors, to ensure we maintain progress against the contract programme.

To take full responsibility for the successful delivery of the project.Produce well written and accurate reports to be presented to the Directors at monthly Project review/CVR meetingsResponsibilities and accountabilities Include·To lead the project team and provide the direction and co-ordination of the project.

·To audit safety and ensure the company's compliance with all current legislation and to promote safe practice on site.·To audit on and off-site quality of product and ensure compliance with the contract specification.

·To audit progress and ensure completion of all projects within the time constraints determined by the building contract.·To audit the site administration and ensure compliance with the company's definition of responsibilities for site management and supervisory staff.

·To audit information flow and ensure our performance under the building contract.·To audit buildability and ensure that the company's reputation for problem solving is furthered at all times.·To ensure predetermined project budgets are achieved.

To audit project reports and ensure that the accuracy of reporting demanded by the company's standard procedures is achieved.Responsibilities:·To promote and maintain good and professional relations with the client, consultants, adjoining owners, residents, subcontractors, and representatives from statutory authorities.

·To work alongside the Contracts Manager & Project Planner to prepare a master construction programme with the timescale demanded by the building contract.·To monitor and accurately report progress in-house and under the requirements of the building contract.·To ensure by assisting the site supervisory staff that weekly and short-term programmes are prepared in strict compliance with company procedures.

·To formulate with the assistance of the management team a suitable response where the Employers Agent is failing to meet with the requirements of the building contract.

·To regularly review subcontractors progress and identify appropriate action as ensure that they are fully complying with predetermined programme targets.·To ensure that the company procedures for the appointment of sub-contractors are properly implemented and that the discipline of the sub -contractor interview format is adhered to.

·To review the suitability of all materials specified and to liaise with the purchasing department and or suppliers to ensure procurement times fall within the constraints of the contract programme and that inappropriate material specifications are brought to the attention of the Design team.

·To research alternative material specifications that may contribute to the reduction of the net cost of the project.·To investigate the project design and to seek improvements in buildability and to identify areas of cost reduction.·To work alongside the Contracts Manager to prepare a construction phase safety plan for the project.

·To liaise at all other times directly with the company's Health & Safety managers.·To maintain the reputation of the company for good quality of finish, positive action, and achievement of predetermined targets.·To maintain or cause to have maintained the image that the company desires to project all as set down in the company's procedures for site presentation.

·To manage and direct the activities of all subordinate staff and ensure compliance with the company's responsibilities under the building contract.·To positively liaise and communicate with estimating, surveying, purchasing, design, resident liaison, and accounts staff allocated to the project by the company to ensure their positive contribution to the project.

·To give feedback to estimating and planning staff to provide useful data for their future activities.

·To complete and distribute those reports identified in the company's standard procedures.·To obtain the Certificates of Practical Completion and Completion of Making Good Defects in the most effective manner.·To liaise with the design team and issue in writing all notices as may be required by the Building Contract or sub-contract agreements.

·To be similarly demanding as the Directors of the company in the quest for improvement in the company' s overall performance and standing with clients and consultants.If you are a Project Manager or Director looking for your next role please call Robert Ferrari for a preliminary discussion or feel free to apply with your current CV

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