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13 days ago

Academics Ltd

£65.00 - £80.00 per day

Aspiring Art Therapist, Psychology Graduate, LSA Maidenhead


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Art and creative Graduates wanted! £75 per day, Full Time Monday to Friday - Immediate start until the end of July 2022 - Ideal experience before or after a MSc.With assorted therapists are based in the school, the students have access to Music Therapy, Creative Therapies, Art Therapies, and Play Therapy.

You will see all of this unfold, ideal experience to qualify Drama Therapy as the career outcome for you.Education and Training provided - Drama, Music and Art Graduates, also English and Humanities graduates. That being said, this role is also ideal for aspiring Art Therapists.This LSA role will be in a specialist alternative provision, working with children who have all been through significant traumas - all with a primary diagnosis of Autism and a secondary diagnosis of Mental Health conditions.

The students range from those who are cognitively very capable, academically, to children with a very low level of learning and who will require personal care.

It's a good example of how diverse and the complicated role Autism plays in society.Can you make the student's life just that little bit better today, keep them safe and demonstrate the value of an education to the students? In addition, can you keep the children safe?

You will get a great deal of SEN and safeguarding training, MAPA Training included.7-17, Primary, and Secondary aged students all with EHCPs - Some of the students will have Autism and Aspergers, OCDDelivering Key and Personal skills to students who will be in varying degrees of engagement, each day can be incredibly differentPhysical work combined with being pragmatic, making as much academic progress as each child's context allowsAll training and support provided by the school with their excellent training system, there will always be some anti-social behaviour in these contexts.

Number of Therapies introduced and holistic processes, a little progress is a cause for success herePositive engagement, giving the children a sense of acceptance, talking therapy will not always work here so different approaches requiredGiving the students objectives and as much independence as is possible, especially if the students are in assistedIt is vital you are sincere about your objectives and know why you want to work in the mental health sector and provide the best possible foundations for vulnerable students who have suffered several traumas and have been tragically let down by the adult world.

These roles are not easy and it takes months, years to build foundations with vulnerable students and young learners.

Aspiring Art Therapist - Art - Mental Health - Maidenhead - Autism - Maidenhead - Specialist Autistic School - Aspiring Art Therapist - Art - Mental Health - Maidenhead

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