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Site Access Controller


Full Time


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IntoductionThe Ultimate Solution Partnership (tusp) is an international consultancy founded and based on real-world experience, exceptional people, a commitment to outstanding service and entrepreneurial spirit. The company has grown in a sustainable manner through mature collaborative client and supplier relationships built on total trust and demonstrable delivery.

​We are looking for people who are seeking flexible working patterns on a zero-hour contract. Most of the work will be on weekends with varying shift lengths, and you can expect anywhere from 1 to 3 shifts a week with the occasional midweek shifts available from time to time.

You will be required to have your own transport and be willing to travel. If you do not mind staying away in accommodation this opens up opportunities for extra shifts. Mileage has been factored into the hourly rate. Full training, uniform and equipment are provided.

Full pay if the shift is completed earlier than planned or if the shift is cancelled within 24 hours. Half pay if the shift is cancelled within 48 hours of commencement.Requirements: * You must have a full driving licence with access to your own transport and be willing to travel. * Smart phone * IT literate.

* Confident to deal with groups of people, including delivering important Health & Safety information. * The ability to effectively communicate (both verbal and written). * Assertive – able to deal with challenging individuals and/or situations, rejecting individuals upon signing in for not meeting PPE requirements.

* Good attention to detailBeneficial experience but not essential: * Knowledge of railway track renewals. * Previous Site Access experience in any industry. * Understanding of the phonetic alphabetJob DescriptionThe Site Access Controller acts as a work site’s administration centre, responsible for controlling access/egress to and from site and collating reports.

The Site Access Controller will update and submit site reports including personnel registers for the client to review.Principle Duties * Signing track staff in and out and carrying out Sentinel checks.

* Carrying out PPE checks and rejecting anyone from signing in if they are unable to present mandatory items of PPE. * Providing safety briefings to everyone signing in. * Fatigue Management of the workforce by ensuring track staff adhere to Network Rail rules. * Communicate with site management to update progress.

* Issue and record PPE and other equipment. * Complete onsite risk assessments of the welfare conditions. * Record safety-critical information (Accidents, Incidents & Close Calls)

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