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10 days ago

ATP Recruitment

£35,000 - £50,000 per annum

Systems Engineer - Aerospace


Full Time



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Maverick and Goose will love you – You give Top Gun Pilots the edge!Your Systems Engineering designs will create a world class escape system for them in the event that things have gone wrong.With a team of similarly skilled systems experts you will conduct requirements analysis and generate specificationsYou’ll prepare a wide range of complex and comprehensive technical documentation, conduct feasibility studies, advanced simulations and test processes.

Your hard work will evolve into an advanced and highly reliable escape system that pilots can rely on allowing them to focus on their primary role.

Over 7600 pilots have had their lives saved by this equipment and you can go home every Friday at midday knowing that this amazing statistic will grow bigger as a direct result of your workCV not ready? No problem, just call, email, Inmail or text me – I’ll always get back to you

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