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Community Mental Health Nurse - Band 6

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To work as a member of the Community Mental Health Team. To provide effective care and specialist advice for people with complex mental health needs and their carers, in order to support their wellbeing and recovery. 

To liaise with other agencies in planning and assessing programmes of care.  Provide formal, on-going clinical supervision and caseload management supervision to junior and less experienced community mental health staff, as directed.

To undertake duties designed to extend clinical and managerial expertise as delegated by the manager when required.  This will include deputising in the absence of the Senior Practitioner.


  1. Carry overall responsibility for the management of a caseload in the role of care co-ordinator /care manager, as defined by the Care Programme Approach and other government and local directives. Ensure that the service of the CMHT i.e. nursing, social care, occupational therapy and psychology is carried out effectively within a multidisciplinary framework and in collaboration with other agencies. Maintain contact with service users on their caseload during periods of admission, including attendance at MDT meetings. To take lead in the planning and implementation of the client’s re-integration back into the community.

2.         Provide service users and their carers with a service that is culturally sensitive and gives due consideration to any special needs

3.         Provide therapeutic interventions by means of assessment and on-going treatment in various settings. Design care programmes in line with risk assessment and psychosocial needs. In consultation with MDT colleagues discharge service users in line with CPA and CMHT policies and procedures

4.         Participate in the Duty System as the Duty Officer or ‘Backup’ providing a Direct Access mental health service to the community. Be responsible for the screening of all new referrals, arrange assessments, provide advice and refer to other agencies as appropriate.

5          Input and maintain clear, comprehensive and contemporaneous written records on all service users in accordance with NMC standards and Trust policies, utilising I.T. skills and knowledge to access and input all information and data to the RIO case management electronic / integrated notes and Framework I (social services computer system) as required.

6.         Screen referrals received via intake (single point of access) in consultation with the designated duty manager. Bringing circumstances of an ‘urgent’ nature to the immediate attention of the senior practitioner.

7.         Provide formal, on-going clinical supervision and caseload management supervision to less experienced members of the CMHT and students on placement who are allocated cases. This includes carrying overall responsibility for junior practitioners’ caseloads

8.         Undertake involvement of formal and informal training and team development for qualified and unqualified staff, including students

9.         Initiate and/or collaborate in clinical developments based on appropriate research evidence. Set, monitor and ensure maintenance of standards of mental health as appropriate to the post holder’s professional qualification.

  1. Promote health and provide highly specialist advice / education regarding Mental Health to professionals, service users, their carers, other agencies and members of the community in general.
  2. Receive regular, on-going clinical and case management supervision; attend staff development and training as required.  The post holder will be subject to periodic appraisal for their work performance (Individual Performance Appraisal and Review) and objectives will be set on an annual basis between the post holder and their supervisor / manager
  3. To prepare and provide all necessary social circumstances reports and mental health tribunal reports as required.
  4. To prepare and provide Community Care Assessments, Carers Assessment, Financial assessments. To negotiate buying in Services as required to meet client’s needs. E.g. Direct payments, Home Care, Housing.

  1. To provide a direct link / liaison to GP practices as a mental health specialist advisor for individual service users.

  1. To assist clients with Welfare Rights / Benefits / Freedom Pass.

  1. Promote Health and Safety advice at work and in the Community.

  1. To be highly skilled in working with potential aggressive behaviour of clients, relatives and carers in the community.

  1. To have specialist skills and knowledge required to work independently in highly unpleasant/potentially hazardous conditions and unpredictable environments.

Our values

The Trust’s values are:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Being Positive
  • Working together


It is recommended that where possible the NHS values below are reflected in job descriptions. 


We value each person as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits. We take what others have to say seriously. We are honest about our point of view and what we can and cannot do.


We earn the trust that is placed in us by insisting on quality and striving to get the basics right every time – safety, confidentiality, professional and managerial integrity, accountability, dependable service and good communication. We welcome feedback, learn from our mistakes and build on our success.


We find the time to listen and talk when it is needed, make the effort to understand and get on and do the small things that mean so much – not because we are asked to but because we care.

Improving lives

We strive to improve health and well-being and people’s experiences of the NHS. We value excellence and professionalism wherever we find it – in the everyday things that make people’s lives better as much as in clinical practice, service improvements and innovation.


We put patients first in everything we do, by reaching out to staff, patients, carers, families, communities and professionals outside the NHS. We put the needs of patients and communities before organisational boundaries.


We use our resources for the benefit of the whole community, and make sure that nobody is excluded or left behind. We accept that some people need more help, that difficult decisions have to be taken – and that when we waste resources we waste other’s opportunities. We recognise that we all have a part to play in making ourselves and our communities healthier.


Barnet, Enfield & Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust is committed to treating all of our staff and patients with dignity and respect. You are responsible for behaving in a way that is consistent with these aims. This includes not discriminating unfairly in any area of your work and not harassing or otherwise intimidating other members of staff.

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By applying a CV-Library account will be created for you. CV-Library's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will apply.

By applying a CV-Library account will be created for you. CV-Library's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will apply.

Apply now in a few quick clicks

By applying a CV-Library account will be created for you. CV-Library's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will apply.


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