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Multi Skilled Maintenance Engineer

The Sterling Choice
Posted 10 days ago


Contract type

Full Time

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Shift Engineer (Days) £45,590

4 on 4 off Days and Nights  

Heads or Tails?

How many times do we hear this question from friends, family, or your child for the fifth time in 10 minutes? Think about it. How many times in a day do you let things rely on the flip of a coin in your mind……heads or tails?

If you are reading this, you are either looking for your next opportunity in the world of food engineering or you just really liked the above metaphor. If you are the former, then please read on with every intention of flipping that coin to the right decision and make a reality change for you with the next step in your career.

Let’s not beat around the bush, if you are the kind of experienced engineer that knows all there is to know about the machines and lines you will be supporting, loves that fast pace of a production line and being the hero when the line managers world comes crumbling down.

With such responsibilities, you will be compensated with a very market competitive package which includes the added extra of a generous holiday entitlement, keeping those bank notes rolling which will motivate you to keep the lines rolling too.

What about progression? This is a role with progression in mind and not just on a local scale. There are multiple sites across the UK with ample opportunities on offer. Plus, If I was to tell you the last 3 experts that moved to this role are now the people you will be reporting to, surely that is a good incentive to mull over.

This will be the role where you can show one of the big game players just how good you are at using those qualifications you spent years and effort to obtain, plus the years perfecting in previous roles to gain experience across different functions and industries.

To make waves in this opportunity, you will be responsible for daily maintenance tasks, breakdown, repair and installation work throughout a busy site with all eyes on you to keep the building from falling down and making your managers day stress free.

If reading this has piqued your interest, your CV is up to date and ready to go, grab a coin and throw it up. Heads you hit apply to see where it takes you and tails you call me (Sam BH) on (phone number removed) to discuss the role in more detail.

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By applying, a CV-Library account will be created for you. CV-Library's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will apply.

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