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🤔 Got a degree but no experience?

I got a degree 4 years ago but haven’t gained any experience. How should I apply for jobs in engineering now? Focusing on your interest in the subject and how you have been training yourself e.g. take an active interest in subject-specific journals, attend online events, join online communities/groups, create a portfolio of work. Give ideas for different degrees e.g. languages degree – find a language partner, start a writing portfolio / Marketing – create some sample marketing campaigns to show off your skills.

🤔 Got a degree but no experience?

This is a very relatable question for graduates – research has shown that only half of UK graduates actually end up getting a job related to their degree.

So if you’re one of those grads that has no industry experience, here are 4 different ways to make your CV relevant and get your foot in the door!

👩‍🎓Keep in the loop

Staying up to date with your industry shows you’re genuinely passionate about it. Are there any reputable journals you can subscribe to? How about becoming an active member of some online groups that relate to your degree? What courses can you take to sharpen your skills? Shout about this in your CV!

👩‍🎓Attend networking events and webinars

Not only will attending industry events be a great thing to show in your CV, but it will also broaden your industry connections.

👩‍🎓Create a portfolio of work

Nobody’s asking you to be an expert, but after completing a degree you’ll definitely have skills to showcase. For example, marketing graduates could create a sample marketing campaign. Or language grads could write an article to show their linguistic ability. Get creative with this 😊


Even spending just 2 weeks volunteering in your industry is a fantastic way to gain experience and show that you’re serious about pursuing a career in your chosen field. Employers want to hire passionate people – and volunteering is one way to show how passionate you are!

After completing any of these steps, make sure you rave about them in your CV and cover letter to show just how enthusiastic you are about your industry!

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