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😵 I’ve made over 50 job applications but still no luck – what am I doing wrong?

😵 I’ve made over 50 job applications but still no luck – what am I doing wrong?

Sorry to hear you’re struggling to find a job. The truth is, we’re living in a very difficult time and a lot of people are in the same position.

Let’s take a quick look at the math… 

The number of vacancies in Q2 dropped by 62.7% in comparison to 2019. The same research is also showing that the number of applications per vacancy has risen by 106% 😱

It’s quite clear that the UK job market is fierce right now and it’s likely to get even fiercer once the furlough scheme ends in October.

What this means is, you’re simply going to have to up your game with your job applications.

Simple Tips

👉 Turn on SonicJobs notifications to hear about the latest vacancies

👉 Make sure your SonicJobs profile is up to date!

👉 Make your CV public and subscribe for notifications on all job boards

👉 Apply for multiple jobs daily – the more the better!

👉 Tailor your CV and attach a cover letter to every application

👉 Update your LinkedIn profile and write ‘Seeking new opportunities’ in your heading

👉 Contact companies that aren’t advertising via phone, email, LinkedIn

👉 After every application, try to call the hiring manager to let them know you’ve applied!

Industries currently doing the most hiring:

🏢 Public Sector

💜 Social Care

🚚 Driving

🍓 Agriculture


💸 Supermarkets

📦 Warehousing

🖥 IT and Digital Technology

💧 Cleaning

I know this is a frustrating and disheartening time, but just remember that you’re not in this alone and that we are with you.

The key is to keep being proactive and keep persevering! Every ‘no’ is one step closer to getting that ‘yes’! I’m rooting for you🌱


How are you getting on with your job search? Comment below to share your experience with the rest of the SonicJobs community, or even let us know what content you’d like to see👇



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