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🍷 What does career progression look like in the hospitality industry?

🍷 What does career progression look like in the hospitality industry?

The great thing about the hospitality industry is that it’s one in which you can progress your career into management quite quickly if you apply yourself.

Let’s start by looking at some different areas of hospitality:

🍝 Restaurants & Pubs

🍸 Bars & Clubs

💃 Catering / Events

🏨 Hotellerie

Within each of these areas, you can, of course, progress through the ranks. Let’s check out the different levels:

Hotel Receptionist 👉 £8.77 avg wage per hour

You’re the first point of contact for guests and will also take enquiries over phone and email. 🔑 Key Characteristics ✒ good telephone manner, friendly, organised, computer-literate

Barista / Bartender / Restaurant serve  r👉 £8.89 – £9.35 avg wage per hour

You’ll be working under busy conditions keeping your composure to serve food and drinks to the highest standard, taking care not to fluff up anyone’s order! 🔑 Key Characteristics ✒ outgoing, customer service, multi-tasking, work well under pressure, attention to detail

Restaurant Supervisor / Head Server 👉 £11.77 avg wage per hour

You’ll be the eyes and ears for the restaurant manager. You’ll oversee the team and ensure everything from stock to staff runs smoothly during each shift. 🔑 Key Characteristics ✒ organised, confident, assertive, customer service, people skills, responsible

Restaurant/Hotel Manager 👉 £27,942 – £35,624 avg salary

You’re the glue that holds the restaurant/hotel together. You oversee the overall operation and make changes where you see inefficiencies. You’ll be knowledgeable on H&S procedures as well as training & development. 🔑 Key Characteristics ✒ forward thinking, self-motivated, initiative, leadership, maintaining high standards, people skills



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