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Best side hustle jobs with no experience

Want a quick way to earn extra cash? Check out these awesome part-time side hustles!

Best side hustle jobs with no experience

Got a job but need more cash? A side hustle could be just the answer. In fact, 47% of Brits are reported to have a second income through a side hustle. But when it comes to finding a second job, you want to pick carefully. You don’t want a job that needs lots of training, qualifications and experience. You just want a quick and flexible way to top up your bank balance.

Check out our list of the best part-time jobs that don’t need experience.

What to look for in a side hustle

  • Flexibility – your side hustle shouldn’t interfere with your main job. It should slot around your full-time hours. So you’ll need to find a side hustle that offers flexible shift patterns to suit your needs.
  • No experience/qualifications – remember, your side hustle isn’t your career. So the best side hustles are the ones that don’t require any experience. This allows you to find a job much quicker!

5 awesome side hustle jobs with NO experience

Bar work – £21,000 average UK annual salary

As a bartender, you’ll be on your feet in a bustling environment. 

Bar work is a quick way to earn some extra cash. The best part about it is that the shifts are usually in the evening. So you can carry on with your regular 9-5. Plus, lots of bars offer part-time work just for the weekends when things get busy!

Main responsibilities:

  • Taking orders
  • Making and serving drinks
  • Taking payments
  • Clearing away glasses
  • Keeping the back-bar stocked up

Waiter / waitress – £21,000 average UK annual salary

Waiting on tables is another awesome side hustle. Not only will you earn a part-time income, but you’ll also earn extra cash in tips! Waiting is a great job for anyone who likes to be active at work and interact with people.

Main responsibilities:

  • Taking orders
  • Serving food
  • Taking payments
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy environment
  • Handling complaints

Retail assistant – £19,000 average UK annual salary

Lots of people like to use retail as a side hustle. The shifts are usually really flexible, and there are plenty of zero experience jobs around. So you should find a part-time retail job quite easily!

Main responsibilities:

  • Handling payments and refunds
  • Maintaining a tidy shop front
  • Stock checks
  • Making recommendations to customers
  • Answering queries

Cleaning – £18,579 average UK annual salary

Cleaning work is a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash. Companies don’t look for experience. They just look for reliable and thorough workers. This is a great side hustle if you’re not a people person and prefer to be left to your own devices!

Main responsibilities:

  • Cleaning premises like houses and offices
  • Travelling to different locations
  • Customer service

Multi-drop delivery driver – £32,500 average UK annual salary

To start working as a multi-drop delivery driver, all you’ll need is a driving licence! Usually you’ll just be driving a small van locally, so a regular licence is fine. The good news is that delivery drivers are really in demand. They also have a lot of control over their shift patterns. So it’s simple to find a part-time delivery driving job that suits your needs.

Main responsibilities:

  • Delivering parcels to different locations
  • Admin, checking items off lists
  • Customer service

Let the hustle begin!

Whether you’re looking for an extra £50 or £300, we’re here to help. Finding a side hustle couldn’t be quicker with SonicJobs. Our app makes it easy to apply for lots of jobs fast. Use our app to apply for jobs with one tap today!

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