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Company culture: How to assess it BEFORE accepting a job offer

How can you tell if a company culture is right for you? Check out these tips for assessing company culture before accepting the job.

Company culture: How to assess it BEFORE accepting a job offer

Finding a new job isn’t just about impressing the employer. The employer needs to impress you too. And one of the most important things to assess before accepting a job offer is the company culture. In fact, 73% of professionals have left a job because they disliked the company culture. But how do you assess a company’s culture before you’ve even accepted the job?

Check out our 9 ways of knowing if a company’s culture is the right fit for you.

9 best ways to assess company culture before accepting a job

  • Check reviews
  • Pay attention to their interview process
  • Ask how they embody their values
  • Find out what schemes, benefits and policies are in place
  • Ask for an office tour
  • Request a trial shift
  • Seek feedback from an insider
  • Find out how employees are recognised
  • Trust your own judgement

Check reviews

Reviews are your starting point. Use Google reviews and sites like Glassdoor to see employee and customer feedback. But don’t be put off by a couple of negative reviews. If the majority are positive, that’s a good sign. But if most of the reviews are negative, that’s a red flag! You should address this in the interview.

Pay attention to their interview process

The interview process will usually give you the biggest insight into a company. So pay attention. Here are some things to consider:

  • Was the working environment well presented?
  • Was the interview process well organised?
  • Did they communicate well with you or were you left in the dark?
  • Were you made to feel welcome?

Ask how they embody their values

It’s all well and good talking about values. Any company can do that. But do they actually embody those values? Here are a few ways you can ask the interviewer about the company culture:

  • How can the company values be seen in the office on a daily basis?
  • How do you embody the company values?
  • What does the company do to bring their values to life?

Find out what schemes, benefits and policies are in place

Schemes, benefits and policies can reveal a lot about a company’s culture. They prove that a company is actually implementing its values into the business. Suddenly, company culture becomes tangible. Here are a few things that can bring company culture to life:

  • Policies on diversity and inclusion
  • Training programs
  • Benefits like remote working
  • Flexible working policies

Ask for an office tour

Taking an office tour can be incredibly revealing. Any manager can talk a good talk. But will the reality match up? By taking an office tour, you can get a feel for the energy of the company. You’ll see if the employees seem happy or miserable. Are the walls blank or filled with personality? Could you see yourself working in that environment?

Request a trial shift

A trial shift is a great way to judge a company’s culture. Not only do you get to know the team, but you get to see the managers in action. Does it feel like a supportive and inclusive environment? Or does it feel hostile and micro-managed? Most companies don’t offer a trial shift as a standard part of their interview process. So you might have to put in a special request!

Seek feedback from an insider

Where possible, speak with the existing employees to get their feedback. Ask them how long they’ve worked there. Do they feel they have a good work-life balance? But don’t just focus on what they say. Focus on how they say it.

Find out how employees are recognised

Employee recognition is an important part of any company culture. It’s a large part of how employees feel appreciated. So ask about employee recognition. Schemes like ‘employee of the month’ and employee rewards are signs of a good culture.

Trust your own judgement

Above all else, trust your gut. If the employer’s saying all the right things but something still doesn’t feel right, listen to that. If you get really good energy from the employer, let that guide you. 

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