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Important strategic skills for your resume (with examples)

Take a look at our top strategic resume skills to boost your resume!

Important strategic skills for your resume (with examples)

Businesses only thrive when there’s a strategy in place. So, employers really value having strategic thinkers on the team. Even if you’re not applying for a strategy-based role, strategic thinking can still boost your resume. It’s a valuable skill in any job.

Strategic thinking is being able to think two steps ahead to achieve an overall aim. It’s about forward-planning and catching problems before they happen.

But don’t just list ‘strategic thinking’ as one of your key skills on your resume. Check out these strategic thinking resume examples.

Examples of strategic skills for your resume


Planning shows your ability to take a large task and break it down into smaller chunks. Planning involves a lot of other strategic skills like critical thinking, scheduling and the use of software. So it’s a great strategic skill to have on your resume!


“Responsible for planning the integration of a new software system company-wide including data migration.”

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is key to business success. Without it, businesses wouldn’t be able to overcome problems. And they certainly won’t be able to beat their competition. Critical thinking is being able to think differently and spot flaws. It’s the opposite of groupthink where everyone echoes each other. Critical thinking is an essential part of strategy.


“Developed a new way of streamlining the administrative process by 20% within 3 months of working at the company.”


Every business and project requires research. Researching takes time and attention to detail. It could mean researching the market and your competitors. Or it could mean researching different products. The end goal of research is to gather enough information to find the best solution for the business.


“Researching and analysing different software systems and presenting a shortlist to the Directors.”

Gantt charts

Gantt charts are often used in project management roles. It creates a visual image of the project timelines and deadlines. It’s a great skill to have if you’re looking to go into a role which involves a lot of project work.


“Used various planning tools like Gantt charts to plan the execution of a company-wide change of software.”


Innovation is a key part of strategy. Every business must innovate and adapt to stay relevant. Especially in today’s fast-changing world. So always looking for ways to innovate and be better is a great skill to add to your resume.


“Modernised the company’s social media strategy and presence, including building a TikTok account which gained 5000 followers.”


Scheduling can be a useful strategic skill for your resume. Often, projects involve lots of moving parts. So proper scheduling is a key part of ensuring projects run smoothly. So if you’ve been responsible for booking appointments or managing diaries, add this to your resume!


“Diary management for two Directors including booking interviews, appointments and flights.”


Analysis is a fantastic strategic skill. And it can be used in any role. Analysis is looking to see where things went wrong. And how things could be better in future. You can use analysis to streamline processes and to build better products.


“Analysis of the company’s social media accounts to identify the highest performing posts and audience demographic.”


Forecasting is often used in large-scale projects. It allows you to predict growth and revenue, and manage budgets. If you’ve ever used a forecasting software program, be sure to mention that in your resume!


“Established an annual recruitment budget and plan by forecasting the company’s growth over 5 years.”

12 jobs that value strategic skills

Most jobs will value strategic skills. But here are a few jobs where strategy features heavily!

  • Project manager
  • Strategic planner
  • Product developer
  • Investment banker
  • HR manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Researcher
  • Social media manager
  • Ecommerce manager
  • Finance manager
  • Business analyst
  • Personal assistant

Are you a strategic thinker?

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