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Job update: warehousing, supply chain and logistics

Job update: warehousing, supply chain and logistics

Hey, it’s Julie 👋 I know you’ve been wondering what jobs are available in the warehousing space, so I thought I’d fill you in!

Well, the first bit of good news is that there were 40,000 live vacancies for supply chain roles (including warehousing) in September which is way more than at the start of the pandemic (only 13,700 in April).

The second bit of good news is that more than half of these roles were for entry-level positions. This opens the door for you to find work in the industry even if you’ve got no experience. Winner winner!

So what sort of jobs are we talking about?

📦Warehouse and Supply Chain

You could find a job working in a warehouse helping to prepare products for delivery.

Job titles to search👉 Picker packer / Warehouse Operative / Order Picker / Forklift driver

Before I forget… we’ve got plenty of warehouse jobs available under the Amazon section of the app! 📲


In logistics, you’re more involved with transporting goods from one place to another, rather than being in the warehouse itself. This could be long-distance travelling, or perhaps local delivery drops for parcels.

Job titles to search for👉 HGV 1 driver / HGV 2 Driver / Delivery driver / Van driver / Multi-drop driver

Some jobs will require experience but, as mentioned before, over half of the jobs in September were for people with zero experience!

Good luck!

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