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Sonic Career Series: Level Up!                        Chapter 3: Impostor syndrome

Sonic Career Series: Level Up! Chapter 3: Impostor syndrome

Welcome to chapter 3 of the Level Up course: impostor syndrome.

Now be honest … How many of you have felt unworthy of your career status, or have attributed your success to luck?

If that sounds like you, then you may be battling impostor syndrome.

What are the symptoms of impostor syndrome?

😖Negative self-talk


😖Being overly critical of your ability and performance

😖Attributing your success to others

😖A reluctance to recognise your skills and strengths

😖Feeling like a fraud and unworthy of the position you hold

😖Constantly living in fear of failure

So how can this interfere with your career? It may:

👉Cause you to self-sabotage

👉Prevent you from going for a promotion

👉Cause you to overwork to the point of exhaustion

👉Cause you to belittle yourself in an interview

How can you overcome impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is a mental problem, so the solution is all in the mind🧠

🤩Write down your skills and achievements

🤩Take it seriously when people pay you a compliment

🤩Understand that making mistakes is normal and inevitable – even CEOs make mistakes!

🤩Repeat positive affirmations daily

🤩Release perfectionism

🤩Surround yourself with empowering content like podcasts and personal development books

It’s estimated that over 70% of people experience impostor syndrome at least once in their life, so you’re not alone. The important thing is to recognise when it’s affecting you, and take steps to stop it from going any further.

See you in the next chapter where we’ll be working on body language!

Take care,

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