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Sonic Career Series: Level Up!                        Chapter 4: Body language

Sonic Career Series: Level Up! Chapter 4: Body language

Hello and welcome to chapter 4 of the Level Up course: Body language!

Did you know that 55% of your message is communicated via body language?! Only 7% is by what you actually say 🤯 Crazy, right?

Despite this, there’s nowhere near enough emphasis placed on using your body language in an interview setting.

Although you might not have an upcoming interview, make a conscious effort to improve these 3 aspects of your body language over the next 30 days, ready to engage the heck out of your interviewers when the time comes!

1️⃣Not smiling VS smiling

Smiling when you talk is possibly the most important habit to cultivate! When you don’t smile, it suggests you’re a very serious person who struggles to engage others.

Smiling radiates positive energy and shows that you’re a confident person who feels comfortable in yourself.

2️⃣Slouched VS upright 

Slouching gives the impression that you’re quite a lazy person and are lacking confidence.

Sitting upright gives you a stronger presence and shows you’re a proactive, ambitious person – exactly what employers want!

3️⃣No eye contact VS eye contact

Avoiding eye contact is another indicator that you lack confidence and are potentially difficult to get along with. 

Studies show that we should make eye contact for 60-70% of the time in order to create an emotional connection and invite people in.

Using open body language might not come easy to you, but I guarantee that if you make a conscious effort to implement it into your daily life, it WILL come more naturally.

Struggle with body language? Let us know below👇

Take care for now,

Julie 💜



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