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Sonic Career Series. Becoming a carer Chapter 4: FAQs

How much do care workers get paid? How much do care workers get paid? Discover now how to become a carer!

Sonic Career Series. Becoming a carer Chapter 4: FAQs

Welcome to chapter 4 of the Becoming a carer series: FAQs.

THANK YOU all for your interest in our care worker vacancies. Today’s chapter will be answering all your questions!

👉How much do care workers get paid?

The average salary for UK care workers is £19,399 or an average hourly rate of £8.49/hour.

👉What training or qualifications will I gain?

Different care companies provide different training and qualifications. You might expect to gain the following training:

  • Qualification in Health & Social Care
  • Safeguarding
  • Equality, diversity & human rights
  • Manual handling
  • Food hygiene / Food safety awareness

👉Do I need experience?

Most care worker jobs don’t look for any experience. Instead, they look for people who are kind, caring, compassionate and reliable.

👉Do I need a driving licence?

It depends if you’re working for a care home with residents, or if you’re doing home visits. If you’re doing home visits, you’ll need a driving licence and vehicle. The care company will pay for your mileage.

👉What sort of personal care would I need to do?

Personal care might involve helping people with toileting, washing, intimate care, or getting dressed.

👉What hours do care workers work?

The great thing about care work is that most companies let you decide the hours and days you work. You could decide to start as early as 6am helping people to get out of bed, or perhaps you’ll want to work as late as 10pm helping people to get ready for bed.

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See you guys in the next course!

Julie 💜

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