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Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: Transferable Skills

Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: Transferable Skills

Welcome to Chapter 3 of CV Creation: transferable skills!

With the rising number of redundancies and low number of vacancies, it’s no surprise that many of you are having to switch careers into industries where you don’t have any experience. 

But how do you get an interview in a job you’ve not worked in before?…

Well, you talk about your transferable skills!

Let’s take a look at some of the transferable skills you may have gained in different jobs:

Admin Assistant 🖥

Organisation | Attention to detail | Computer literate | Microsoft packages | 

Data entry | Team work

Receptionist 📞

Customer service | Multi-tasking | Computer literate | Communication | Attention to detail | Listening | Microsoft packages | Independent | Reliable

Waiter/Waitress / Sales Assistant 💷

Customer service | Communication | Attention to detail | Working under pressure | Team work | Prioritising | Admin | Health & safety | Working to targets | Numeracy | Time management | Problem solving | Listening

Warehouse Operative 📦

Organisation | Attention to detail | Team work | Quality control | Health & safety | Working under pressure | Data entry | Working to targets | Following processes

Healthcare Assistant ❤️

Communication | Health & safety | Safeguarding | Time management | Relationship building | Flexible approach to work | Listening | Problem-solving | Multi-tasking | Organised

Driver 🚚

Reliable | Organisation | Independence | Admin | Planning | Working to deadlines | Concentration | Customer service | Communication

TOP TIP💡 Instead of simply listing skills in your CV, give examples of how you demonstrated these skills at work.

I want to remind you that although the job market is tough, people are still getting hired everyday. Jobs are out there, you just have to keep persevering! 💪

I’ll see you all in the next chapter!



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