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Sonic Career Series. Surviving COVID: Finding Job Opportunities

Different jobs available to skillsets and different job titles to search for e.g. cashier / sales assistant / checkout assistant – checklist of places to search (sonicjobs, other job boards, specialist recruiters, direct company websites, LinkedIn)

Sonic Career Series. Surviving COVID: Finding Job Opportunities

Welcome to chapter 2 of the Surviving COVID series: finding job opportunities.

When it comes to looking for new work post-lockdown, it’s important that you have realistic expectations. Job vacancies that used to only attract a handful of applicants are now attracting hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applicants.

So in all honesty guys, now is the time to apply for jobs that you wouldn’t normally have considered. This will likely mean putting your ‘dream job’ to one side until the market picks up again.

I’ve grouped some jobs together that have similar and transferable skills. These jobs are all live on our app – so get applying!

🌟 POOL A: IT / admin / customer service skills

👉Admin assistant


👉Personal assistant

👉Data entry


👉Warehouse operative


👉Customer service agent



👉Sales assistant

👉Health care assistant 

🌟POOL B: physically demanding, practical & logical skills


📌Warehouse operative

📌Warehouse picker and packer

📌Kitchen porter




📌Furniture assembler / fitter


📌Maintenance assistant




I hope this has given you some inspiration about different jobs you could be applying for.

Things to remember:

👉This doesn’t have to be your ‘forever job’

👉Every ‘no’ is one step closer to getting a ‘yes’

👉It’s common to get 50+ rejections these days – don’t lose heart

TOP TIP💡 Remember to search for different job titles that mean the same thing. For example, a ‘Picker and Packer’ could also be advertised as a ‘Warehouse Operative’.

See you guys in the next chapter: Avoiding redundancy!

Psst…Do you have a success story to share? Please comment below to help motivate your SonicJobs friends 👇💫

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