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The golden question: Should you leave your job for more money?

Is more money always worth it? Ask yourself these 5 questions if you’re offered a job with more money

The golden question: Should you leave your job for more money?

With today’s cost of living crisis, a pay rise doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Many people leave their jobs for better paid opportunities. But does more pay equal job satisfaction? Not always!

If you’ve been offered another job with more money, ask yourself these questions…

5 questions to ask yourself if you’re offered a higher paid job

Are you happy in your current job?

Ask yourself if you’re happy in your job? Sure, a higher salary would make anyone happier. But if money were no issue, would you still want to leave your job? Are you interested in your industry or does it bore you? Do you like the team dynamic and the company culture? These are all important factors to consider when you’re offered a job with better money.

If you’re happy in your role, think twice before you jump ships. All the things you love about your job could disappear in the new company. Would it still be worth the pay rise then?

Are there opportunities for you to progress?

A great way to get a pay rise is to get promoted. Are there opportunities for progression in your current company? Or have you hit the ceiling for your role? Do you have to wait several years for someone to retire before you can get promoted? Or will you get promoted regardless of how many other senior members of staff are there?

If you think you’ve hit the ceiling in your current company, then you might struggle to get a pay rise any time soon. It could be worth changing jobs. But before you accept the role, check out the new company’s progression opportunities!

Have you asked your employer for a raise?

Most people don’t think to ask their current boss for a pay rise before accepting their new role. If you’re happy in your job, set a meeting with your manager to negotiate a pay rise. Talk to them about the potential of getting a pay rise.

Before you go into your meeting, make sure you research the market rate. And remember to prepare a list of your achievements. Use this to justify why you’re asking for a raise.

Would the commute be better in the new job?

Your commute to work can really affect your work-life balance. So by accepting a higher-paid job that’s further away, you run the risk of effecting your work-life balance. You also need to think about the cost of your commute. Will the pay rise outweigh the cost of the commute?

Is the new salary suspiciously high?

Does the new salary sound too good to be true? Is it way above the market rate? If it is, it’s time to do some digging. Why does the company need to pay above the market rate? Are they struggling to retain staff? These are questions to ask the employer before accepting the job.

To accept, or not to accept

If you’re offered a higher paid job, it could be a fantastic opportunity. But don’t assume more money is always best. There are other factors to consider. Yes, more money is great! But don’t forget to consider the other parts of your job that are just as important.

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