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The most in-demand jobs in London

What jobs are available in London right now? Read on to see how to find a job (fast) in London.

The most in-demand jobs in London

Every year, almost 200,000 people move to London. And we can’t blame them. It’s The Big Smoke – the land where possibilities are endless. From theatre to finance, London has it all.

But landing a job in London isn’t always the easiest task. There’s fierce competition in the capital. So sometimes finding a job quickly can actually take some time.

To help you on your way, here are 6 of the most in-demand jobs in London.

  • Hospitality worker
  • Driver
  • Carer
  • Nurse
  • Software developer
  • Digital marketing executive

6 jobs in London that need staff NOW

Hospitality worker – £29,000 average salary

From restaurant staff to event workers, there’s no better place to work in hospitality than in London. This is where the industry is booming. Whether you want to work front of house or tucked away in the kitchen, there are lots of opportunities to choose from. And many of the jobs don’t require any experience. Let’s not forget the best bit… The tips! So long as you’re prepared to work unsocial hours and weekends, you should find a job in hospitality in no time at all.

Key skills

  • Communication
  • Working under pressure
  • Customer service

Driver – £29,000 average salary

Drivers are hot in demand right now with online shopping at an all time high. So long as you have a licence, you can get to work as a multi-drop delivery driver for companies like DPD and Hermes. As a full-time driver in London, you can expect to be earning anywhere between £23,784 and £37,500.

Key skills

  • Organisation
  • Admin
  • Reliability
  • Customer service
  • Initiative

Care worker – £23,000 average salary

Carer workers are in demand across the UK, not just in London. As a care worker, you can expect to be travelling to clients’ houses. You’ll help them with their day to day tasks like dressing, cleaning and eating. You may also need to run errands like shopping or picking up medication. Whether full-time or part-time, care companies tend to be quite flexible. So you can work around your own schedule.

Key skills

  • Good listener
  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Caring

Nurse – £31,787 average salary

Hospitals in London are calling out for registered nurses.  The city is still trying to overcome its backlog of patient treatments. Healthcare has always been an understaffed area. So if you’ve got the right qualifications, you can be sure to find a nursing job in London.

Key skills

  • Working under pressure
  • Caring
  • Reliability
  • Nursing qualification

Software developer – £62,500 average salary

Software developers can always find a job in London. As companies continue to innovate, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a software development background. Even if you have no experience,  that’s okay. Anyone with a software development qualification should find graduate jobs in London.

Key skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Computer languages
  • Computing qualification

Digital marketing executive – £32,500 average salary

If you’re a social media whizz with a creative eye, you could find yourself very in demand. London’s digital marketing scene is buzzing. The quality of digital marketing is evolving rapidly. So companies will pay big bucks to marketing whizzes that can produce results. Don’t worry if you lack experience. Display the right qualities and you’ll be able to climb the ladder from a junior digital marketing role.

Key skills

  • Creativity
  • Results-driven
  • Technical and analytical ability
  • SEO, social media, paid ads

London’s calling

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