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What are the best jobs for students?

Looking to earn some cash whilst at university? Check out our top picks for students looking for part-time work.

What are the best jobs for students?

One of the biggest problems of student life is finding ways to earn money whilst you’re studying. But there are plenty of part-time student jobs available if you know where to look. Holding down a job whilst you’re at uni is a great way to make your CV stand out, meet new people, and also fund that all-important party lifestyle!

So let’s take a look at the most popular ways to earn money as a student:

  • Call centre
  • Restaurant / hospitality
  • Bar work
  • Admin assistant
  • Student union
  • Tutor
  • Food delivery
  • Supermarkets
  • Brand ambassador

9 best part-time jobs for university students

1. Call centre

Call centre work is a popular choice among students. Many call centres offer flexible hours to suit your schedule, giving you the choice between morning or evening shifts. Plus, in today’s world of remote working, there’s a strong chance you’ll find a home-based role!

Duties include:

  • Taking calls
  • Data entry
  • Handling complaints
  • Customer service

2. Restaurant / hospitality

Working in a restaurant or a cafe is a great option for students. Not only can you easily find part-time work and flexible hours, but you’ve also got the opportunity to earn some extra cash through tips!

Duties include:

  • Taking orders
  • Serving food
  • Taking payments
  • Cleaning

3. Bar work

Bar work is a good option for you night owls who don’t mind staying up until the crack of dawn. But be warned: working on the other side of the bar isn’t like having a night out. It can be extremely busy, stressful and tiring!

Duties include:

  • Taking orders
  • Handling payments
  • Making drinks
  • Stock-take
  • Cleaning

4. Admin assistant

Admin work doesn’t involve much people interaction, so it’s perfect for those of you who prefer to get your head down and crack on in silence. You’ll need excellent attention to detail and a strong level of English.

Duties include:

  • Data entry
  • Scheduling
  • Filing
  • Answering calls/emails

5. Student union

Remember to take advantage of the opportunities that are on your doorstep. Student unions tend to offer a whole variety of part-time and seasonal jobs from open day tour guides to reception and admin. Drop by your student union with your CV and speak to someone about any available vacancies.

Duties include:

  • Customer service
  • Taking calls
  • Answering emails
  • Data entry

6. Tutor

As a student, you’ll likely have skills you can offer to other people. If you’re a native English speaker, consider becoming an English tutor for foreign students who are looking to improve their language skills. Equally, you could advertise yourself as a tutor for secondary school kids.

Duties include:

  • Curriculum research
  • Carrying out lessons
  • Developing tailored plans

7. Food delivery

Being a food delivery person is a great way to earn some extra cash at university. The application process is speedy and all you need is a mode of transport and a smartphone to get started. The best part is that you get to decide your own hours. But keep in mind that people expect their food, come rain or shine. So sometimes you might find yourself working in unfavourable weather!

Duties include:

  • Collecting and delivering food
  • Customer service
  • Route mapping

8. Supermarkets

Supermarkets are a popular place for students to work. Whether you become a cashier or shelf stacker, supermarkets are often looking for staff on an ongoing basis. They also often offer flexible shift patterns.

Duties include:

  • Stacking shelves
  • Lifting goods
  • Taking payments
  • Customer service

9. Brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors have become an increasingly popular choice among students. If you’ve got a large social media following or know a lot of people on campus, you could become a brand ambassador to help promote the products of brands trying to tap into the student market. Just be sure to only work with brands who offer an actual salary rather than ‘benefits’ such as freebies and vouchers.

Duties include:

  • Taking promotional pictures
  • Flyering
  • Handing out products
  • Social media promotion

Part-time work for the win!

Not only is holding down a part-time job whilst you’re at university going to give you financial support, but it’s also going to show prospective employers you have a strong work ethic. Working part-time alongside your studies can be challenging, but this experience is only going to help you when it comes to finding a job as a graduate.

Here at SonicJobs, we’re proud to provide a wide variety of part-time job opportunities for students. Be sure to use our free app to apply for jobs with 1 tap of a button!

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