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What are the best paying jobs in Texas?

Looking to start a career in the Lone Star State? Check out our list of the highest paying jobs in Texas.

What are the best paying jobs in Texas?

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’. And that’s no word of a lie. Texas is home to some of the largest cities in the US including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Homes are bigger in Texas, their economy is the second biggest in the country. And you’d better believe they have the salaries to match!

So if you want to make it really big in the Lone Star State, check out our list of the best paying jobs in Texas.

13 highest paying jobs in Texas

HR manager – $64,212

HR managers oversee the human resources function of a business. They’re responsible for company policies, recruitment strategies, and driving the company mission forward through a people-oriented approach.

Pediatrician – $85,299

Pediatricians are experts in children’s health. They’re able to offer advice, diagnose and provide treatment for illnesses in babies, children and teenagers.

Petroleum engineer – $94,204

Petroleum engineers are responsible for the evaluation, development and production of oil and gas fields. Their aim is to extract oil and gas from beneath the earth’s surface. They travel frequently to different sites but also carry out part of their work in an office environment.

Aerospace engineer – $107,511

Aerospace engineers work on the design and maintenance of aircraft, missiles, satellites and associated parts. 

Natural sciences manager – $117,130

Natural sciences managers oversee the work of scientists and researchers in different fields, such as chemistry, physics and biology. Their role is to ensure testing and research is carried out in a controlled manner, and research aims are achieved to the highest standards.

Purchasing manager – $119,585

Purchasing managers are responsible for negotiating prices and drawing up contracts with suppliers. Part of their role is to vet and select the best suppliers and determine what goods need to be bought.

CEO – $134,182

A CEO is the leading figurehead of an organization. They’re responsible for overseeing the business operation and making executive decisions regarding strategy and growth.

Air traffic controller – $142,980

Air traffic controllers have a highly pressurized job which requires large amounts of concentration. Their role is to ensure flight traffic runs safely and to coordinate aircraft landings and takeoffs using radars and computer systems.

Obstetrics and gynecology physician – $215,300

Obstetricians and gynecologists provide healthcare advice and treatment to women, in relation to the pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the female reproductive organs. 

Orthodontist – $249,589

Orthodontists are specialists in correcting misaligned teeth. They are qualified dentists but have advanced their career by specializing in improving the alignment of jaws and teeth.

Psychiatrist – $259,492

Psychiatrists are trained medical professionals who are experts in assisting people to deal with mental and emotional issues. Psychiatrists are qualified to diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe medication.

Pulmonary physician – $295,908

A pulmonary physician specializes in the treatment of diseases and problems relating to the respiratory system, including the trachea and lungs. They regularly work with respiratory problems like asthma and pulmonary fibrosis.

Surgeon – $299,146

Depending on their area of expertise, surgeons are responsible for carrying out operations and procedures on patients. They specialize in different areas like heart surgery, brain surgery and plastics.

Texas calling?

If you’re ready for bigger and better things in your life, Texas is your state! Find a new job with 1 tap on the SonicJobs app!



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