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What is working in a factory like?

Been thinking about taking on a factory job? Here are 6 things you should know about working in a factory!

What is working in a factory like?

Considering working in a factory but not sure what to expect? Let’s be honest – on the surface, factory work doesn’t exactly sound like the best job in the world, and it’s not likely to be the highest paying career either. But don’t be so quick to write it off. The reality of working in a factory can actually be very rewarding if you enter into it with an attitude of wanting to learn and gain new skills for your CV.

Every situation in life presents an opportunity. The question is whether or not you’re willing to seize it…

6 things to expect from working in a factory

1. Routine is king

Factory work is all about methods and processes. The best factories are able to produce mass loads of goods because of their strict adherence to workflows. It’s not the type of job where you don’t know what’s happening from one day to the next. In a factory, you can expect a steady routine on a daily basis.

2. Overtime

Factories are crying out for more workers and, as a result, they often offer overtime. In fact, in 2021 the number of factory workers rose at its fastest rate in almost 50 years. So if your focus is centred around stacking cash, factory work gives you the opportunity to do just that. Just beware of burning the candle at both ends – you don’t want to run yourself into the ground by taking on too much overtime!

3. Temporary contracts

The vast majority of factory workers start out on temporary contracts. That’s not to say you won’t be able to switch to a permanent position after a while but chances are you’ll start out working on a temporary contract. 

4. Physically challenging

For the most part, factory work is physically demanding as you won’t be sitting behind a computer all day. Instead, you’ll be on your feet on hard concrete floors most of the day and may need to do a little lifting or manoeuvring of heavy goods. The good news is that this can be great for keeping fit instead of being sat idly at a desk all day. Just be sure to take regular breaks and stretch your body out to avoid aches and pains.

5. Mental space

Since factory work is repetitive and doesn’t require much thinking, you free up mental space in your mind. Factory jobs don’t tend to weigh much on your mind, so you don’t have to worry about your stress levels going through the roof. At the end of your shift, you’ll be able to switch off from your work without taking any mental baggage home with you.

6. Team work

When working in a factory, you’re very rarely working alone. You’re usually put into small teams or groups who are working together to achieve the task. So if you’re someone who enjoys working with others, you’ll like the collaboration that comes with factory work.

How to apply for a factory job

  • Update your CV – your CV should contain all the key skills for factory work. Skills like organisation, strong work ethic and reliability are exactly what factories are looking for.
  • Use the SonicJobs app – the SonicJobs app contains thousands of factory jobs across the UK, including Amazon factory jobs
  • Turn on the SmartApply feature – our SmartApply feature automatically applies for jobs that match your search so you don’t have to be glued to your phone 24/7
  • Refine your approach – don’t just apply for one job and hope for the best. Use our tips for finding a job quickly to elevate your search

Factory ready?

Working in a factory can be an opportunity to better yourself… if you’re willing to make it so. It all comes down to mindset. If you want to make it a useful experience, you will. 

To get applying, browse our app to access thousands of factory jobs and find a job near you!

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