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Which state has the highest unemployment rate?

Which state has the highest level of unemployment in the US?

Which state has the highest unemployment rate?

Looking to move states? Well before you pack your bags, you might want to check out the unemployment levels in that state. Finding a job can definitely be easier depending on where you live. If you look at America as a whole, the nation has been working hard to get people back to work since the pandemic. This has really helped to bring down unemployment rates. In December 2020, unemployment was at 4.2%. But in January 2023, unemployment was as low as 3.4%.

As of December 2022, the state with the lowest unemployment rate is North Dakota at 2.1%. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate at 5.5%. 

Sure, we still have work to do. But the good news is that the level of unemployment is now lower than pre-pandemic levels. Woohoo!

Research also shows that more and more workers are choosing to be unemployed. 

Say what?! 

Yup, workers are quitting their jobs because they want to find better pay or more flexibility. In November 2021, a record high of 4.5 million workers resigned. The industries with the most quitters were hospitality, healthcare and logistics. Many employees were resigning since companies in these industries were offering better incentives and working conditions to attract workers.

Let’s take a look at which states came into 2023 with the lowest and highest unemployment rates.

US states with the lowest unemployment rates

As of December 2022, the following states have the highest employment rates:

  • North Dakota – 2.1%
  • South Dakota – 2.2%
  • Utah – 2.4%
  • Alabama – 2.6%
  • Montana – 2.6%
  • Florida – 2.7%
  • Missouri – 2.7%
  • Nebraska – 2.7%
  • Colorado – 2.8%

US states with the highest unemployment rates

As of December 2022, these states have the highest levels of unemployment:

  • Ohio – 4.1%
  • West Virginia – 4.1%
  • District of Colombia – 4.2%
  • Michigan – 4.3%
  • Pennsylvania – 4.3%
  • Washington – 4.5%
  • Delaware – 4.6%
  • Illinois – 4.6%
  • Oregon – 4.8%
  • Nevada – 5.5%

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Unemployment rates are still higher than we’d like. But we need to remember that there’s a huge demand for workers. In particular, industries like trade, transportation, warehousing, education and healthcare have a large number of job openings. If you’re looking for a job, we have an opening for you.

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