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Why strong relationships with coworkers matter (and how to build them!)

Having strong relationships with your coworkers is essential to enjoying your job. Check out our top tips for building relationships with coworkers.

Why strong relationships with coworkers matter (and how to build them!)

Let’s talk about how to build better relationships with your coworkers. First of all, you need to have good relationships with your coworkers. It’s one of the best career habits you can adopt. It’s what makes work a lot more enjoyable and productive. Nobody wants to work in a hostile or tense environment, right?

But how do you build stronger relationships with your coworkers? Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Be a relationship initiator
  • Don’t talk AT people, listen
  • Show appreciation
  • Keep it respectful
  • Find common ground
  • Be inclusive
  • Be someone they can rely on

7 simple ways to strengthen your relationships with coworkers

Be a relationship initiator

You won’t be able to build relationships with your coworkers unless you take the initiative. Don’t just sit back and wait for others to approach you. Instead, be the person to start conversations. Introduce yourself. Engage with the people around you. Be sure to look outside your immediate team too. Before you know it, you’ll have relationships with a diverse group of coworkers. This can help to open new doors and brighten up your working day.

Don’t talk AT people, listen.

Effective communication is the foundation to any relationship. And to do that, you need to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. Don’t make it all about you. Take an interest in what your coworkers have to say. And show empathy and support when they share their thoughts. Listening is a powerful tool for building trust and strengthening relationships.

Show appreciation

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trainee or an experienced CEO, everyone likes to feel appreciated. Recognising others for their efforts is a great way to show appreciation. When a coworker helps you out, be sure to thank them. And if you see a coworker performing well, go out of your way to celebrate their wins. People like to feel appreciated and supported. It shows you’re on their side and builds trust in the workplace.

Keep it respectful

Respect is an absolute must in any relationship…and the workplace is no different! Always keep your language professional and respectful. Disagreements are bound to happen at work. But how you deal with those disagreements is what matters. Don’t engage in gossip or negativity. Stick to your values. When issues arise, deal with them straight away. But just remember to keep it respectful and don’t drag others into the situation.

Find common ground

Establishing common ground is one of the best ways to bond with your coworkers. You don’t just have to talk about work-related topics all the time. Find out what they enjoy doing in their free time or what their interests are. Maybe you’re both parents. Or perhaps you both like music or travel. There will always be common ground. It’s just your job to find it! You might be surprised by the interests you share!

Be inclusive

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. And creating a sense of belonging helps lift the atmosphere at work. But the reality is, not everyone does feel like they belong at work. So make an effort to include your coworkers in conversations and meetings. Look out for new or quieter people who can struggle to be heard. Ask for their opinion. Be friendly and welcoming. And make sure they know you value their presence!

Be someone they can rely on

One of the best ways to build trust at work is to follow through with your commitments. Meet your deadlines and uphold your side of the bargain. Once coworkers know they can depend on you, you’ll build stronger relationships. When others can count on you, it helps build a sense of mutual respect and teamwork.

Don’t be a stranger

Building strong relationships with coworkers is essential in creating a healthy work environment. Not only will you  be happier, but you’ll be more productive too!  So, go ahead and try some of these tips out! You might be surprised at how much better you’ll feel about going to work every day.

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