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Forklift Operator Shipping 12-Hour

Southeastern Container
Posted 21 days ago

Bowling Green

Contract type

Full Time

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We are a progressive manufacturer of PET beverage bottles, supplying the Coca-Cola bottling system on the East Coast and in the Midwest. We have a proven track record of stability and sustained growth over the past 30 years, and are looking for candidates for the following position:

Lift Truck Operator

This is a night shift position on a rotating 12 hour shift; those unwilling to work night shift need not apply.

REPORTS TO: Team Leader

Summary: Responsible for operation of equipment and job duties related to the warehousing and shipping of all production, including preforms and bottles.

Duties and Responsibilities include the following; other duties may be assigned as necessary.

1. Make sure that unit loads that leave the palletizer are properly plugged and that strap and wrap are applied according to specifications. If the unit is tagged with a label, assure that the information on the label is correct and that the labeling equipment is operating properly.

2. Supply pallets, top frames, and tier sheets to the palletizers. Reload equipment with strap and wrap as necessary.

3. Notify the maintenance team whenever equipment is malfunctioning. Provide information to the maintenance team that may assist them in resolving the problem.

4. Place bottles and preforms in the warehouse for storage. Assure that products are stored in the correct location and that product is correctly labeled and packaged according to SQMS standards. Report any damaged product in the warehouse to the Team Leader. Supply preforms to the blowmolding area as needed for production, and dump preforms into the hoppers as instructed on the Production Schedule.

5. Load preforms, bottles, and other items as needed onto trucks for shipment. Assure that all products are not damaged or obviously defective prior to shipment. Talk with customers regarding shipment of loads in the absence of the dispatcher. Unload all incoming freight, as needed.

6. Unload preform and bottle dunnage shipments and store in the proper areas. Build dunnage to ensure the consistent operation of palletizing equipment. Follow all hygiene specifications.

7. Maintain a clean working environment and follow all safety guidelines and policies at all times. Report any unsafe conditions to the Team Leader. Inspect all equipment, including fork trucks, per established guidelines.

8. Perform other duties as requested by the Team Leader.

9. Comply with all activities related to product safety, legality, regulatory compliance and quality.


Shipping Forklift Operator

Purpose: Utilize a lift truck to move material for the purpose of shipping.

Description: Transport finished product units to trailers, check dockplate to assure to assure trailer is locked before entering, check and complete load sheets and shipping forms

Requirements: fine motor skills, visual acuity, auditory function, grip, bend and lift capacity, walking and standing, sitting Tools-Equipment: Forklift, crane lift for batteries

Handled Materials: 50# propane tank, 45# pallets, 7# top frames, 3# tier sheets, 26# T-bar lift push/pull Pace of Work: Can be high


H: 50# propane tank, 1x/shift

Physical Demands

  • Lift - Frequent - 34% to 66% of the time
  • Carry - Occasional - 0 to 33% of the time
  • Push Pull - Occasional - 0 to 33% of the time
  • Sit - Constant - More than 67% of the time
  • Stand - Occasional - 0 to 33% of the time
  • Walk - Frequent - 34% to 66% of the time
  • Bend/Squat - Occasional - 0 to 33% of the time
  • Reach & Handle - Constant - More than 67% of the time
  • Climb - Frequent (on and off lift truck) - 34% to 66% of the time
  • Heights - No

Working Hours

  • 12 hour shift
  • 1 - 30 minute meal break
  • 2 - 15 minute breaks

Physical Demand Level or Strength

  • S- Sedentary: 0-10#
  • L- Light: 10-20#
  • M- Medium: 20-50#
  • H- Heavy: 50-100#

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