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AWS Database Engineer-Nashville-OnSite-125K

Vaco Technology
Posted 21 days ago


Contract type

Full Time

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The AWS Database Engineer's Mission is to optimize the performance of our organization's databases. You will be writing new support programs and scripts, troubleshooting database code.

This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Database Engineer to join a growing company working to grow and enhance its technology stack and practices. The optimal candidate will exhibit strong knowledge of industry best practices and have proven experience in database management.

Core Values:

Get the important stuff done - We look for results focused people who strive to have a deep understanding of their role and how their work connects to their team and the company at large; and who understand how to organize their priorities to drive business value in the right ways.

Actively seek to learn, improve, and grow - We look for intellectual curiosity and a questioning mindset.
Ask questions and use data to make decisions - We look for people who can take in evidence, organize information from multiple sources, derive meaning from it, and make critical decisions quickly.

"We" not "I" - We value knowing how to cooperate with peers and leaders to help the team achieve its goals.

See the glass half full - We look for people who take ownership of their role, who are solution driven, learn from results and demonstrate enthusiasm, excitement and passion for their work.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining and enhancing the performance of existing database programs
  • Assisting development teams in designing new database programs that meet the organization's data storage needs
  • Monitoring databases and related systems to ensure optimized performance
  • Reviewing database and user reports, as well as system information
  • Performing debugging procedures on database scripts and programs, as well as resolving conflicts
  • Adhering to best practices in securely storing, backing up, and archiving data
  • Documenting processes related to database design, configuration, and performance
  • Keeping abreast of developments and best practices in database engineering

A minimum of 2 years' experience in database engineering
Sound knowledge of best practices in database engineering and data security
In-depth knowledge of Structure Query Language (SQL)
Extensive experience with database technologies and architecture
Experience with AWS data tools such as

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By applying, a Career Builder account will be created for you. Career Builder's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will apply.

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