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Hate competition? Here are 8 jobs you’ll love

Not a competitive person? Take a look at these careers for non-competitive personalities

Hate competition? Here are 8 jobs you’ll love

Are you one of those people that hates competing? Does the thought of a competition make you want to run away? We hear ya! If you’re not a competitive person, that’s okay! But just beware that some jobs won’t suit you. Lots of jobs need you to be competitive…especially sales jobs.

But there are plenty of jobs out there that aren’t competitive. And it’s important you find a career that gives you job satisfaction.

Check out our top pick of non-competitive jobs.

Top careers for non-competitive personality types


Jobs in administration are perfect for non-competitive people. Admin jobs couldn’t be any further from sales. It’s all about following processes and attention to detail. In an admin role, your duties will be processing data, filing, and ensuring the back-office is running smoothly.


Hr is a great career route for non-competitive personalities. It involves following processes. HR professionals deal with things like disciplinaries, recruitment, and employee records. In short, they manage the employee lifecycle from recruitment to exit interviews.


Working in a library is a great job if you want to avoid competition. Librarians ensure the library runs smoothly. Duties include shelving books, dealing with member queries and updating the database. 


There’s nothing competitive about being a vet. Vets have a duty of care to look out for the best interests of animals. Yes, it can be a high-stress job and extremely busy. But it’s the kind of stress you won’t mind if you’re an animal lover!

Data analyst

Data analysts don’t compete. They analyse! Data analysts are constantly collating and reviewing data and statistics to produce reports and insights. It’s a great role if you enjoy numbers and graphs! 

Software developer

Software development is a great career route for analytical people. There’s no competition involved. Instead, you’ll need to collaborate with others to complete your project. It’s all about teamwork. Software developers are in high demand, so you’ll have no shortage of work!

Massage therapist

As a massage therapist, you treat muscles, joints and injuries using massage techniques. It’s a great role if you enjoy working with people. One of the biggest roles of a massage therapist is making their clients comfortable. So you need to be a people person!


Being a cashier is a fairly low-stress job, and it involves no competition. You get to interact with customers all day. So you need to enjoy being around people and have excellent customer service skills.

What is the best job for competitive personalities?

The best job for competitive people is in sales. Sales is the most competitive industry. You have targets to hit, and your mission is to outdo your competition. Sales roles are heavily based around revenue targets. It’s your job to ensure you hit those targets. So you need to thrive on competition. If you don’t hit your targets, you may risk your job!

There’s no right or wrong

If you’re not a competitive person, don’t feel like you should be! You can be successful in ANY job. Everyone has different personality types. And we can’t all fit into the same box. So it’s important to embrace your strengths and set yourself up for success by finding a job that’s right for your personality!

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