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Is it better to work for ‘Little Vs Large’ companies?

Should you work for a small or a large company? What’s better?

Is it better to work for ‘Little Vs Large’ companies?

When job hunting, don’t just think about the type of role you want. Think about the type of company you want too. And when it comes to choosing the right company, size matters. There are pros and cons of working for small/large businesses. But there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. it really depends on who you are as a person, and how you prefer to work.

Benefits of working for a large company

Opportunities for progression

One of the great things about working for large companies is that there’s usually lots of room to progress. Because the company is so large, your progression isn’t dependent on someone else leaving. There are always opportunities to progress so long as you have the right skills.

More structure

Big companies have a lot of structure. They wouldn’t have been able to grow so big without proper processes and procedures. So if you like to follow processes and rules, a big company could suit you.

Bigger projects

Bigger companies have bigger names. Which means they work on bigger projects with bigger clients. Sure, small companies can work on big projects too. But it’s more common in large companies. So working for a large company could give you a more exciting work environment.

Job stability

With large companies, you have more job stability. That’s because they’ve been around for longer and are well established. This can be reassuring during tough economic times.

Negatives of working for a large company

Red tape

We know large companies have processes. But sometimes these processes can be a hindrance. Things usually take longer to complete in large companies. That’s because processes can take time to follow. So you need to be prepared to move a little slower.

Corporate atmosphere

Large companies tend to have a stiffer atmosphere. That’s because it’s harder for colleagues to bond because the teams are so large. This isn’t so great if you’re a social butterfly. So be sure to get a feel for the company’s social atmosphere before making a decision.

Less competitive salaries

Large companies usually have salary grades they have to stick to. So salaries can be a little lower in big companies.

Benefits of working for a small company

Fun atmosphere

Atmosphere is a huge focus for small companies. They tend to bring more of a family atmosphere. That’s because teams are smaller and people are able to get to know each other more easily. 

Gain experience fast

Small businesses are less structured than large businesses. So that means you have the opportunity to get stuck into different areas of the business. This is great if you’re keen to develop skills in different areas and build up your CV.

Competitive pay

Smaller companies usually pay higher salaries. That’s because they don’t usually have rules about salaries. So if they see a talented candidate they really like, they’ll usually pay more than larger companies. Plus, it’s harder for smaller companies to attract talent. So higher salaries is one way they do that.

Negatives of working for a small company

Less job stability

In times of uncertainty, small businesses get hit the hardest. Their budgets are smaller, so cuts happen faster. When profits drop, they feel it more than a larger company. So bear this in mind if you’re applying for jobs during economic uncertainty.

Work-life balance

Smaller companies can expect more of you than larger companies. They don’t have the same infrastructure as big companies. And they don’t have as many people working for them. So your workload is harder to balance. And sometimes this means you might end up working overtime.

Less structure/routine

Working for a smaller company means mucking in where you can. Although you’ll have a job description, sometimes you’ll be expected to take on extra responsibilities. If the company goes through a busy period or someone leaves, be ready to step up to the plate.

It’s your call

Choosing whether to work for a small or large company is something that’s personal to you. As you can see, there are huge benefits to doing both. But it comes down to your personal preferences, and how you like to work. 

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