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🏆 The winning formula to your CV’s personal statement

🏆 The winning formula to your CV’s personal statement

Hello! It’s Julie 😄 I know you’ve been going crazy trying to think of a great personal statement for your CV. So it’s time we knuckled down on this, agreed?

💥Keep it personal

It’s called a personal statement for a reason. Everything you write should describe your specific experience and career aspirations.

💥Avoid cliches

Steer clear of describing yourself as ‘friendly’ or a ‘hard-working’. This won’t help you to stand out… because most people write the same thing!

💥Keep it relevant

Depending on the jobs you’re applying for, you might need to tailor your personal statement to draw on different parts of your experience.

Personal statement formula

1️⃣1 sentence on background / qualifications

2️⃣1-2 sentences on relevant duties / achievements / skills

3️⃣1 sentence describing what you’re looking for

Example: Customer service

I have 3 years’ experience working in customer-facing roles both on the phone and in-person. In previous roles for Natwest and Aviva, I have achieved weekly sales targets and taken pride in providing customers with in-depth product knowledge. I am looking for a full-time position in customer service that provides room for progression.

Example: Graduate job

I’m a recent graduate of Marketing, specialising in social media marketing and research. Key projects include creating social media branding for a tech startup, and analysing the results of different marketing methods such as email and paid ads. I’m seeking a graduate role with a core focus on digital marketing.

🌟Ready to rock your personal statement? Head over to the ‘Profile’ tab and edit your ‘About me’ section.

You’ve got this!



skahn skahna year ago

I need help with my cv please

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Haven't worked for quite a while now need help with my cv please


Tbh after all that we've been through and we have been lucky enough for ourselves to be able to stay with everyday life and continue to look for the best possible career prospects for ourselves and family is a true blessing in itself

rodders rodders2 years ago

I need help with my cv

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I need help with my CV


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