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🌟 What makes GREAT customer service?

🌟 What makes GREAT customer service?

Whether you already work in customer service or you’re in the process of applying for jobs, it’s good to know exactly what it takes to nail this line of work.

Let’s take a look at the different ways to stand out as a customer service rep… (and remember, you can use these points as interview answers!)

🌟Building rapport

In a world where there’s fierce competition in any line of work, personable customer service is what counts and keeps customers coming back for more. Addressing the customer by their first name and making small talk are great ways to be personable


Listening really is key in customer service. Take the time to understand the customer’s needs before identifying the best possible solution.

🌟Smiling and using open body language

If you’re in face-to-face customer service, using open body language and eye contact helps engage your customers. Even if you’re on the phones, customers can still hear when you smile!

🌟Knowing your product / service

Knowing your product inside-out really is the foundation of great customer service. Being able to accurately answer your customers’ questions and point them in the right direction are signs of a first-class service.

🌟Apologising for any delays

Whether customers have been waiting in a queue in-person or have been on hold on the phone, always apologise for any delays and thank them for their patience.

🌟Cross-selling products / services

Customers rely on you to be the fountain of knowledge. So if you feel another product would complement their purchase, always point this out.

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Good luck!

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vonny vonny7 months ago

I worked in an agc one venue in hull city centre not being a gamer myself it was very insightful a very rewarding job but soul destroying at the time. A fine balance of perception, vigilance, and firmness,along side with empathy, sociability and understanding where key A good vapour is vital every customer is important and deserves respect even if being difficult